My cat--Need Your Help in Naming Her

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  • patio34

    Hammy, that was such a sweet post. I can tell you're a kind person! The names were hilarious and descriptive.

    Jesus Christ! I've always thought you lacked a sense of humor from all your saccharine parables. But, at last your true twisted sense of humor is bubbling forth! Bravo!

    Ash, good (?) suggestion . . . er, ahem, . . . we'll see . . .

    Here's a picture of a topaz (today's tryout) that is perfectly descriptive of her colors:

  • Swan

    I always liked Kasey as in K.C. for Kitty Cat. I love the word play.

    For what it's worth.


  • puzzled

    I'm a cat person too.

    I always gave my cats exotic people names.

    My Russian blue fem, her name was Nadia.

    I had a cat that looked like a little Ocelot. Her name was Paca (Swahili for little girl)

    And a Siamese named Meeshan

    I had a calico cat many years ago that a friend of mine named "AllSpice" because she had 4 different colors of spots. we called her Spice

    and so on.

    Oh I had a black fluffy cat named Alex because she was a nasty btch, reminded me of Alexis Carrington on "The Carringtons" from that TV Show about the Denver family. (Off shoot of Dallas)

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    hah! don't ever ask me to help name anything!! my cat has gone from harley, to harley-cakes, to huckleberry, to hucky, to huck, to charles, to chucky, to chuck, to chuck-em-ups, to chuckles. poor thing doesn't know if she's coming or going anymore.

  • ashitaka



  • Mulan

    My niece came up with a cute name, for her NEXT cat. Furgus. Call him Gus. I thought that was clever.............the fur part especially.

  • GentlyFeral

    Cat names. Don't get me started.

    Whoops -- too late.

    • Spot; she was a tortoise-shell with one big red spot on the top of her head.
    • Bump: I thought it was because he went "bump" in the night galloping
      up and down the halls. Mom (who named him) said it was because he was so [cough]
      male. Big, dumb and handsome, and eccentric. Spot's brother. Best cat
      I've ever had.
    • Fido: Spot's sister. Because she had to have a name as novel as her siblings'.
    • Bing: had a strong, powerful voice, so he was named for Bing Crosby, but
      my parents insisted, "It's not the pitch, it's the phrasing."
    • Red Fred: named by my sister; this cat was long-haired and a pale, uniform

    I once read about a cat who was named "Sh*thead". By a small child
    who later grew up to have second thoughts.

    gently feral

  • LyinEyes

    I just got two cousin kittens, one is black named Nemo, and the other is female named Sassy, she is grey and spotted, fluffy.

    What about Patches, if she is mixed colored? Punkin,(pumpkin) for the halloween colors.

    I like real names too like the one you chose, Lucy. We have a black lab named snoopy , but sometimes my son calls her Lucy.
    Long story on on how that came son would play with her and she would show her teeth, and he called her devil dog, then she became Lucifer, then it got shorten to Lucy... Weird but the way things work at our house.

  • Scully

    My cat has a first, middle and last name. She has such an interesting personality that picking one name just didn't seem to do her justice.

    She's very quiet, only talks when she is begging for treats (like a dog does!) and carries herself very gracefully, so her first name is Duchess.

    She can also be a little crazy, tearing around the house, pouncing on toes, giving little love bites. Her middle name is Luna.

    She's a calico, with lovely big orangey spots. Her last name is Marmalade.

    Here's a picture from when we first "rescued" her.

  • bikerchic

    I like the name CAT, pronounce every letter C-A-T sounds like "seeatey". Simple and to the point, works for DOG too.

    bc (simpleton at heart)

    Celebrating my 50th post here too! LOL Whipeeeee!!

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