My cat--Need Your Help in Naming Her

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  • Shutterbug

    My daughter brought a cat home shortly before she left for college because her friends mom was about to take it to the animal shelter and daughter couldn't stand the idea of it being "done in." I was a little agrivated that she would dump the thing on me, so he ended up being named D.A.C. Thats for dumb a__ cat. In spite of his name I do enjoy the little critter.

  • Satanus

    My cat has about half a dozen names.


    You have 12 cats? Did they multiply, or is there a cat lover in your family?


  • funkyderek
    I really hope that its a sick joke.

    Cassi, rest assured. It's a sick (but very funny) joke, although several thousand people who think otherwise have signed a petition to have it closed down.

  • Kenneson

    Why don't you just call her Darwin? You could replace Charles with Charlene.

  • Cassiline

    ((((((((( Derrick )))))))))

    Thanks. Glad to hear its a joke although sick. I feel much better now. You can't imagine what was going through my head.

  • GatoCat


  • patio34

    Hooray for the suggestions! JanH, now it is definitely NOT Bonsai! That pic will forever live in my mind!

    Thanks all for the good ideas. I particularly like "Topaz" as B-52 has a neat song named "Topaz." I also really like Darwin, Kenneson (maybe Ms. Darwin?).

    LB, that's funny about numbering your cats. You live in a rural area if I remember right. They're probably good mousers, eh?

    I can't reply to each person anymore, because the screen doesn't show all the replies :-(

    Today, I'll alternate between Topaz and Darwin, altho Dart (with its hidden meanings ) so fits her. She's streaking back and forth thru the house right now. What a character!

    I adopted her thru a cat rescue org--she was slated for eternal slumber with her 3 kittens at the pound.


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Call it "Duck." That way, if there are any small children in your life you can really confuse them and piss off their parents because you're teaching them the wrong word for something. They'd think ducks say "Meow."

    I have the strangest sense of humor.............

  • ashitaka

    Bonsai is a cool name, but how about Tonyaharding? What? What? What's wrong with that name?

  • orangefatcat

    I consider myself somewhat a professional in this regard! My namesake is Hammy. In the past I have been blessed with 33 cats and kittens at one time. We were a wonderful family and have had some lovely names such as Jessie, Bandit, Spider, Nicki, Fluff and Puff the twins, Simba of course. Tigger, Shadow and many more to numerous to name. Each was a blast, and had their own little ways about doing things. They would make me laugh and cry and be joyful throughout the day. Bandit was a pizza bandito the second the pizza guy was at the door he was crawling up my leg onto my shoulder and just ripped the pizza from my mouth even before I got a bite. Spider will I went throught more pairs of curtians then china has tea. He was a klingon. But cute as a button. Nicki loved paper the second she heard a sound of paper she come running full speed ahead jumping up and down for the paper to play with. Jessie she always talked to you, never was quite, she always wanted a conversation of some sort and was the best mommy to her litters. I miss my cats now and maybe some day I will be blessed again with a cat or two.

    Hope you can chose a name from my menegerie of pets they would love you and so would I.

    Orangefatcat (Hammy)

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