Is there anything that could make you go back?

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  • Sentinel

    There is absolutely nothing that would make me even consider returning.

    One thing that being in the borg taught me was that religion in any way, shape, or form, is false. I thank them for that!

    I'm a spiritual person, but I have no religion in my life. I'm very happy, fulfilled and complete without the dogma.


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Only if I could bring a shotgun and have target practice with some of the elders. Afterward they would have to have Jennifer Lopez waiting for me to do what I like with.

  • patio34

    Yeah, I'd go back IF Jehovah himself appeared to me repeatedly (given that I was not under the influence of any meds! and that a psychiatrist or 10 guaranteed that I was sane).

    No, strike that. MAYBE . . . IF Jehovah himself declared himself clearly to the entire earth in unambiguous terms--repeatedly and undeniably. Without any taint of crap that is with the WTS. And if he kindly explained why all the scientific evidence contradicts the Bible's accounts. If he could explain the violence in nature. If he explained . . . etc., etc.

    In other words, admissible-in-court proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If the Pacific Ocean parted and .... well you get the point. And even then I'd have to seriously think about it and reconcile it with what I know now.

    since that will probably never happen, then my answer would have to be HELL, NO!


  • neyank

    Is there anything that could make you go back?

    Go back to what?!?!

    A group of people that follow a bunch of men that can't make up their mind
    as to what the 'truth' is.

    That would be like going back to a ship on stormy waters without a sail and compass
    that is slowly sinking.

    Go back to being controlled by the WTS as to who you can have for friends, what you can read, what you should believe and when you should believe it?

    To go back, you would have to have some kind of belief that the WTS speaks for God.

    And seeing as the WTS has proven without a doubt that they DO NOT speak for God
    what would be the point of going back?

    Only if you are wanting to worship a man made and man run orginization would anyone go back because that is in esence what the WTS is all about.


  • ChuckD

    I would rather eat an entire can of Green Giant Niblets Corn, wait a day, and eat it again.


  • SpiderMonkey

    Personally, I *hope* to go back to the WT one day! That's right, I *want* to, for one very good reason: To dance on the rubble

  • Swan

    As for going back to being a JW again, Nope!

    As for going back to a KH, yes, in rare situations, such as the funeral of a family member.

    After the hell that they have put millions through, there is nothing that they can do to win me back now.

  • GentlyFeral

    I am a "religious type," but not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. I can't ever see myself entering a Christian church again -- no, wait, I take that back: I'd go to an Easter service at a liberal open-communion Episcopal church, to pay my respects to a foreign god, namely Jesus. If invited. I specify "liberal" and "open communion" because to most Episcopalians "open communion" means "any Christian;" to liberal Episcopalians it means "any human."

    No, I'm not going back to the KH. There are no inducements left. Even if they turned into Unitarians, they'd be too bland for me.

    If a JW relative was dying, I might consider telling them I'd started a Bible study again. This would, of course, be a lie. And I wouldn't use it if they had any chance of finding out.

    Every time I pass a Kingdom Hall, I say the following cantrip: "I curse you with freedom! I curse you with freedom! I curse you with freedom!" The only way I'd go back to a single meeting is under immediate threat of death, and I'd be muttering spells the whole time.

    Gently (usually) Feral

  • Francois

    This is one uf them thar rhetoricalicated questions, ain't it? Ain't it?


  • SYN

    COMF makes an interesting point. I'd certainly consider going back if it were to further the causes of an investigative agency looking to expose the rampant human rights violations in the Society.

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