Non believers in god please.

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  • gumby

    many of the xjw here no longer believe in god because they cannot accept the "fact" that they willl be destroyed during Armageddon.

    I don't think anyone here,.... that has been around the block enough on this matter....., that I know of, thinks this way

    . Thats a dub argument if I ever heard one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monster
    Thats a dub argument if I ever heard one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny you should say that because the person that said, that is a member of this board for a number of years now. And according this person a JW. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolute truth can only be experienced directly, its what is , its LIFE. Siddhashunyata

    You sound like my boy. He believes everything is black and white when it comes to life and death. He just may be right. Maybe everything is black and white and we make things out to be more than we should.

  • Monster

    Okay thanks for your honest answers I just wanted to see if there was some truth to his statement . I see there's none. It was just his opinion on it.

    Well I am going out it's FRIDAY NIGHT!

    Peace James.

  • Zechariah

    ZECHARIAH- New Age Philosopher

    I have for many times both on the WTO and the H2O board offered a psychological explanation of the personality of an unbeliever in God (the creator). I present it now for JWD.

    Just as the Bible identifies spiritual attributes that are directly associated with God and belief in him as fruitages of the spirit there also is the converse spirits of the world. There are similar contrasts made in 1 Corinthians where it speaks of the physical (carnal) man versus the spiritual man. The spiritual man is conscious of his spirit inheritance as he believes he has been created in the image of the creator.

    If a person believes in anything spiritual (unseen) it has to be because of faith based on reason having witnessed the effects cause by the spiritual thing. This includes all such things as gravity, relativity, and all physical and spiritual laws. Unbelievers criticize believers for the exercise of faith. They want to give the impression they don't believe or know anything unless they personally see or hear it. They believe only that which they are willing to just as with everyone ele. They hypocritically claim to know things about life and its origin. They also claim their knowledge has nothing at all to do with faith. Does not what almost all things unbelievers claim to know about evolution or anything else that occurs in the world that they have not personally witnessed require faith. You must have faith in the person relating these unproven facts to you and in whom you are willng to believe. Willingness to believe is the essential prerequisite to faith and knowledge of any kind. The only thing we are debating though is faith in the creator.

    The only thing preventing the unbeliever from belief in God and encouraging him to block out all the overwhelming evidence of a creator is the unbelievers fear of disappointment which carries over to every aspect of their lives. They have had many disappointments in their lives and their greatest fear or phobia now is to be further disappointed. As fear is always worse than reality the unbeliever is willing to forego chances for happiness in close personal relationships by not giving anyone the opportunity to further disappoint them. This fear keeps them alone and unfulfilled. They are not able to fully commit or trust. This fear applies not only to romantic relationships but also to family relationships and ultimately to their relationship with God. The bad things they perceive those who they should be able to depend on for keeping them safe and well have allowed to happen to them are both unjustifiable and unforgiveable.

    They reason like this: Certainly he does not love me and even if he does who needs that kind of love. Even though he pleads for me to understand why he has abandoned me and allowed me to be hurt and abused. He says it was for reasons that at the time were beyond my understanding and had nothing to do with his deep love for me. I hate my mate. I hate my parent. I hate my God. They will never have the chance to disappoint me again. They are no longer and will never be again a part of my life. The unbelievers reason for his disbelief has nothing to do with scientific proof or lack of it. No one can prove anything to someone not willing to believe it. Job in the same way rejected the creator for allowing him to suffer at the hands of Satan, the great child abuser of us all. It was not until Job accepted the counsel of the young man Elihu that he ceased his criticisms of God and renewed his faith. Now God could reward and restore Job better than ever before. It is us that suffer the most for refusing to believe. Being willing to hear and accept God's explanation is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship with him our heavenly father.
    ....... It is a fascinating fact that virtually without exception one of a unbelievers least favorite colors is yellow. ............. Zechariah .........

  • SixofNine

    ....and then you have the just plain crazy.

  • Carmel

    Having experianced the complete continuum of belief in the biblical "god" as adumbrated by Jw's and most fundy Christians, then going to the other extreme of agnosticism bordering on atheism then back to a belief in a metaphisical reality, as well as having studied psychology, I believe I can honestly contest that belief in an entity losely labeled "god" is a psycological crutch. To lump all believers into the straightjacket of needing a "crutch" is shallow and deficient. Many "non-believers" are in such pathetic states of bewilderment yet in total denial that their "religion" of "no region" is as crutchifying as the pathos of believing in the old testament white bearded guy-in-the-sky.


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    For those that don't believe in God or Armageddon...did you ever believe? What about when you were a J.W.?

    Did you believe anything then? Or is that maybe why you left?

    Just want to see if anyone feels the same as I did!...and do!

    Golden Girl

    Thank You!

  • Siddhashunyata

    I believed.

  • blacksheep

    Well, I can only say I don't believe in the god portrayed by the JWs. FTR, I don't believe in the concept of hellfire. But I don't NOT believe in god because I don't want to believe that hellfire exists. It's obviously a man-made concept (hellfire, that is).

  • RandomTask

    Even if the witnesses are correct and the "wicked" will be destroyed in a global armageddon, I still would rather die than live forever in a world ruled by them.

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