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  • DannyBear


    Hello beautiful.

    Rereamed, reemed, or redeemed....always glad to hear from you. Thanks btw, Iam not such a tough guy no matter how much my signature implies.

    Actually the name DannyBear was only a last resort choice because Dannyboy was already taken. If I hear a particularly good rendition of the song 'Dannyboy' I cry like a baby.

    So Iam very happy to get your forgiveness as well.

    Dave makes me want to party. He is the kinda guy that always makes me stay to the bitter end when attending a party. I know if we got together we would close the bar(s). I would need two day's to maybe more.

    Hope all is well with you and your crazy jw relatives.

    Actually I just talked to my daughter today, maybe she is thinking for herself or suppose the 'service meeting' discussion of the Km is next thursday nite?????? I guess I will know next friday.

    What a pissy way to have to live your life, waiting on the next set of do's and don'ts from big mama ORG.

    Thanks for the shout.


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