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  • seven006

    Since I am one of my weird and lackadaisical moods today and don't feel like working I started a thread this morning about guilt by association which has spawned my weird mood cuz I'm still pissed off (and not one god damned cuss word in the whole post, I'm so proud.......oops, Shi...I mean shoot!) about the subject matter!

    In that thread someone replied by the name of apple123456 or something like that. I made my typical cynical remarks and didn't think much of it. Then I noticed this appel-numberd person was a NEWBIE!
    Since I am trying to do anything to keep from sliding over to my Mac and doing some real computer work I decided to try and find out who in the heck this gosh darn new person was.

    Simon in his infinite wisdom has incorporated that handy member list with the ability to click on anything a poster has posted to see if the person you are posting to is a real squirrel or has actually posted something of significance or at least a whimsical ditty at a light hearted fluff post. I click on apples name, read the post where she had posted (about 10 or so posts) to see if she had introduced herself and I just missed it or just slipped in like a thief in the night.

    She hadn't started a thread of her own but I noticed she had made short little comments on several threads. Except for Ozziepost (one of the nicest guys on the gosh darn bord) in one thread, not one single person made a reply to her from what I can see (I may be wrong, or just blind). I don't know about her but I would feel like fly poop if that happened to me when I first became a poster here (maybe I came on too strong when I started, I forget).

    Since I do not post as much as I use to, and since I rarely post on one of those "hi I'm new here" threads (cuz I'm not much of a greeter kind of person) I thought I would take the time to say hi to a new poster who seems to have slipped through the cracks of this forum and still remains a bit oblivious to some of us old time crotchety posters.

    From her profile and her posts it seems her board name is apple829 and her real name is Sherryl. It seems that she's about 30 years old (too young for me), married with a two year old kid and she likes cookies. She lives in Chattanooga Tenn. (Iv been there, it has a choo choo in the middle of town) and is glad she is out of the gosh darn religion.

    Since I haven't welcomed a new poster since Flower and Kevin I will check my "shy quite guy persona" in the closet and say,

    "Welcome to the Gosh Darn Bord Sherryl"!!!!!!!

    Here is a secret of survival on this bord, Don't cuss like I do, Don't get into little flame wars like I do, Don't make long posts like I do, Don't tell people you like Farkel like I do, and type the letters Y.A.W.N. in any thread that is started by our resident delusional, psychopathic, schizophrenic, doomsday, self appointed anointed Super JW poster we all lovingly know as "You Know" aka Robert, Bobby, Bobby Boy, Bob, Boob, Booby, Brain dead ***hole, Dip stick, F*** Wit.

    Say hi to everyone Sherryl, Have fun and don't feed the animals.


    PS: I just thought of something, maybe she wanted to slip in quietly and not be noticed right away? Well,........... bummer,...too late!

  • LittleOnes

    Some of us like to slip in and not be noticed.

    Oh, and 99 percent of you "old time crotchety posters" are ok

    Uh... the other one percent would be "Fred Hall".

  • seven006


    You have only five posts? Your not a newbie your a darn (I really want to say "damn" here but I can't) embryo. Tell something about........wait a sec, I just read your profile, you've never been a JW? get the heck out of here! Come back when you either have some money to give the bord treasure (me) or you have gone through some kind of mental torment by your parents or religion.

    What in the heck do your think this place is for, normal people? Normal people scare the hel.........damn I mean.......heck out of us. If you want to post here go do something that the average person won't have a clue what you are talking about and when you tell them they look at you like you have a new born calf coming out your nose.

    If there is something really strange about you tell us, maybe we will let you stay.


    PS: Did you get the notice yet about the posting fee? If not, just click on my email address and send 25$ to it. AMX, Visa, or Master card are fine. Don't tell Simon the bord owner about it, he is on vacation and doesn't want to get bothered with the money stuff right now. He wants me to collect it for him, honest, trust me!

  • Gopher


    Welcome again to our wonderful crazy little world. When you make posts, do they echo in the Allegheny foothills? Then, lookout! And you know what I mean!!

    It'd be fun to see you again in chat or on the discussion board. Lotsa stuff happening in the exJW world these days!

  • notperfectyet

    Welcome Apple 829!


  • LittleOnes

    I am a glutten for punishment. I can think at least one non-normal thing about me, (my wife may tell you differently) I love a dub. No, thats normal but I'm sure I can think of something

    Sorry, I only have a Discover card

  • mevirginia

    slipping in quietly to say Welcome to apple. and LMAO at seven006

  • seven006


    Why are you yawning at me? Have I pissed you off before? Is it a joke? Do you just like typing it? If it is a joke, please don't joke with me. I am a very sensitive and serious person and it hurts damn it, I mean darn it...shi* ,dang it. (this is definitely going to take some work)


    You love a dub? Is it a relative?


    First of all your name is..........unique, is it French?

    28 posts, the gosh darn newbies are coming out of the woodwork. Read my "how to survive this board" comments to Sherryl and follow along. What ever you see me do, just do the opposite and you will be fine. Try not to get into the chat room when Farkel is in there, he posts while he is naked. His doctors are trying to help him but, there is only so much they can do. They don't like to cause disturbances at the library anymore.


  • ugg

    welcome aboard!!!!!!

  • neyank


    You're a riot.

    Good job keeping the lid on the cussing.

    Newbies: WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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