Try this poll one last time.

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  • Bleep


    Ok. Here goes. Since the last poll was trolled by some people lets do this one more time. What is God? I will add up how many people say a Spirit. Last poll had only one saying a Spirit being me, very sad for Bible students.

    Here are your choices from 1 to 5.

    1) Person
    2) Place
    3) Thing
    4) Spirit

    5) None of the above I don't believe in God.

    Do not forget the number when typing your opinion.

  • Bleep

    Let me try to fix my sentence since i know some people will try to make fun of. I wrote, " Last poll had only one saying a Spirit being me, very sad for Bible students."

    Only one person taking the poll thought that God was a Spirit. That person was me. Better?

  • ashitaka

    Seriously, here are a few more legitamate choices, as some people believe.

    6. Myth

    7. Personified Morality

  • simwitness

    and lastly, don't forget:

    8) all of the above

    (but you might want to re-order so that #5 comes next...)

  • Bleep

    Ok I will count those as part of the list.

  • Bleep

    1) Person
    2) Place
    3) Thing
    4) Spirit
    5) I don't believe in God.
    6) Myth
    7) Personified Morality
    8) None of the above. ( give example of what you think God is)

    The people who want the choice they made before can keep that choice or change it for this new poll. Thanks for the input.

  • Liberty

    Choice #5. By the way, it doesn't matter how much you may study a book if it is nonsense. Just because a book says something doesn't mean it's true. I love the circular reasoning that the Bible is God's true inspired word because the Bible says it is. If I write a book that says I'm God and you should hand over everything to me because I say so in my book does this become true also? I'll need some better evidence than " because some old book says so" before I can acknowledge God's reality.

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  • funkyderek

    Bleep, why should people answer your questions when you have such a hit-and-run attittude to posting?

    Please answer the questions I posed in the following threads:

    If you don't answer them, expect to see a copy of this message every time you spam this board with another nonsense thread.

  • seven006


    God is just a little electrochemical spark called a "thought" that is floating around your brain right next to the other electrochemical spark in your head that tells you talking snakes use to have four legs.

    Everyone knows talking snakes never had legs, don't be stupid.


  • Vivamus

    # 5


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