So...anyone play 'America's Army'?

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  • Xander
    pace of R6 is slow but it is a very tactical game.

    R6 is one of the ones I was considering...

    How are the graphics? Up-to-date looking? Not that I'm shallow, it's just that I have a GF4 Ti w/ an AXP 2100+ and I like having games that make me feel I'm not wasting too much money on my gaming rig. (I am, I know, but I don't want to be reminded of that, thank you very much...)

    And the character models...can you still not see your own body?

    I tried the single player demo for Rogue Spear - too much setup work for my taste. It was fun, to be sure, but too much setup and not enough action. Also, the damage model seemed...I dunno...a little weak. Does the newer Ghost Recon series support location-based damage modelling yet?

    CS can be but I stopped playing because of all the cheaters

    Yeah, that's what I've heard. Hence, never tried it. Can't stand cheaters. Hate, hate, hate. Really ruins the game.

    Any thoughts on some of the others? Hitman 2? Operation Flashpoint? etc...

    I only tried Tribes 2 and hated it but I hear Tribes is better

    Tribes and Tribes 2 ARE very different games. What didn't you like about T2?

  • StinkyPantz

    I tried it but didn't like it so well. Do you ever play MOHAA? I love that game!

  • Xander


    'Shooters' I've played:

    • Tribes
    • Tribes 2
    • Unreal Tournament (didn't really like it)
    • America's Army
    • Deus Ex (which kicks ass most mercilessly)
    • Alien v Predator
    • Quake II (really didn't like it)
    • Number of Quake III based games (Jedi Knight II, Voyager: Elite Force, something else - all very samey/average - don't like the 'closed in' feeling of the maps at all)

    Not a really big shooter fan usually, hence the short list. I play simulations MUCH more often.

  • Lieu

    I play AA all the time....but like you, I'm waiting for more maps.

    I also like MHAA, but I don't like the online MP... 'cause they cheat too.

    I only like the "team" based games when I can find people who know what that word means.

  • Lieu

    Question: On Deus Ex could you bring yourself to kill the guys with the family problems?

  • julien

    Xander: it's not a shooter but it is first person: have you played Thief or Thief II?

  • Xander

    Lieu #1:

    Yeah, it'll be cool. If you look around on the training maps, you can get a feel for what the engine is capable of. I expect some great things from them still.

    (Oh, plus - the engine used, UT2K2 - is the same one being used in Deus Ex 2!!)

    Lieu #2:

    Guy with the family problems? You mean, the guy who ran the apartment complex your brother was in? Good grief, no! You give HIM your gun. Then, when the bad guy comes back to bully him, he stands up for his daughter (finally) and she respects him and stays. If you kill the bad guy, she runs away because she is tired of living in fear, if you kill him she just runs out screaming, and if you don't even give him a weapon...hmmm...don't recall what happens. I think they all leave?

    I just loved that game though - for that very reason. You can play it however you like - it's almost completely open.

    Which is why I dig Morrowind so much. It's like, that much freedom x 1000. In Morrowind, all the way through the game, you have completely free reign of the entire island. You can talk to anyone, walk anywhere, deal with any person who trades, be a thief, magician, warrior, etc. All the sub-quests are great, and give you the feeling of an entire game on their own - the main quest is just out of this world, though (if you remember to do it ). Quite addictive.


    No, but I've heard decent things about them. Don't know, though - Morrowind can play a lot like either of those games if you develop a 'thief' character, and the plot is much more open (to my liking) and graphics are much more up-to-date.

  • julien

    Xander: I would still check out Thief if I were you. The 'thief' experience is extremely well done.

    You can probably get it in the bargain bin. It is on my top 10 list which includes BG, Deus Ex, Fallout, GTA3, Morrowind, NWN, Civ series, XCOM, Torment, Diablo, EQ, Q3A

  • Xander

    Just to add:

    Looks like this Tuesday or some time next week, AA:R is supposed to add another module that adds the ranger school (and whichever weapons that adds) in addition to a swamp map among other things.

    Should be pretty neat.

    BTW, anyone here have any comments on Operation Flashpoint? I'm curious how it compares.

  • neyank


    So, where's the link?


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