How many Unanswered Questions, Bleep? A poll..

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  • Bleep

    Don't forget to voice your opinion for what is God. I need more opinions to make a pie graph.

    I hear people think anyone that are good are still going to heaven. And not to tell the JW's in this one heaven room. I made one about the pope in the funny forum. Then I had to hear one about heaven. Why tell me a joke like that since the only ones going to heaven are chosen by Jehovah. They are the ones that will judge us down here while Christ reigns for a thousand years. Not all will be anointed JW's. JW's have only been around for 100 some years. There is a hope for all mankind and not JW's. I think JW's have a good start in the real life, and are more conditioned to true worship. To be a JW involves not just obstaining from blood and not going to war. But to have a clean conscience and to hate what God hates. A real hatred will make you exercise the personality that God wants in the new system that will last forever. The Bible says that God can not lie. So we know that Satan is the ruler of mankind at this time. He offered all the kingdoms of the earth to Jesus and Jesus said that it is ti Jehovah alone you must worship. Satan is a god of this system ever since he decieved Adam and Eve in the perfect garden of Eden. That was the start of a perfect world. Mankind was to make it grow into an Earthly paradise from one corner to the other. This poll will only make fun of me. I did not intend to make fun of the answers from the poll. It was educational though for me to know what you think God is. Other questions could show us all why we are at each others necks.

  • LB

    So my # 1 question for Bleep

    1) If the WT found out that you were on this site you were disfellowshiped what would you do???

    Answer Bleep

  • Bleep

    Crazydrinker, you say, If the WT found out that you were on this site you were disfellowshiped what would you do???"

    Now we have a circumstance of the Watchtower finding out I am on this site. The Watchtower is a magazine I read daily so I don't think it would be too mad. Did you mean an elder by chance? If I was disfellowshiped you keep asking. Now why would I be disfellowshiped from my congregation? Most of them came into the truth by my grandmother. I would say about half now. My grandmother also donated 10 grand to the building of our hall. That was a lot of money in the 80's. My mother also showed a few people the truth. I have been loyally baptized for 10 years, and I had a choice to be baptized. It would only be a sin to marry a person that is not a witness. An apostate talking to me is like a preschool student talking to the President of the United States. I am not afraid of man and I will never be afraid. That would include an opinion of a man. Does that answer your lack of ethics question? Since I do not want to break the right to know rights that you have.

  • LB

    OK, I promise to stop feeding braindead trolls.

    after this

    Bleep you would be disfellowshipped only because it's against watchtower (WTBTS) rules to be here. Associating with known apostates is a disfellowhipping offense and if you don't know that, you know nothing. They could care less how much grandma gave them instead of you.

  • Bleep

    If the Watchtower found out then I would have the Watchtower to read at home instead of the Kingdom Hall. I would still be loved by Jehovah and Jesus since Jesus died for us all since he paid the price for our sins. Of course we might have to die but that is the price for sinning. If Jesus had to die why not us? Some may not have to die at all since we know Jehovah will react to all the injustice in the world. For example. The flood. But then there will be no more sin and death since Jesus allready died for us all. Jehovah will correct matters in his own due time.

  • Bleep

    The Watchtower has no rules. The Magazine does have some Bible principles. I am not brain dead but i have my own opinion and right to be here.

  • Bleep

    The WTBTS is a Bible printing and shipping orginization.

  • Bleep

    I win?

  • ozziepost
    I am one guy or one source of information

    What information would that be, Bleep?

    I haven't seen any yet.


  • jgnat

    Quotes is waiting for 8 questions to be answered.

    Stinky Pantz:

    • Why does Bleep post these threads argumentatively and not refute his claims?
    • Bleep, please answer this burning question: how old are you? It frightens many of us to think that you might be over 12, and I'm being totally serious.
    • Haven't the weaknesses and apostasy of the WTBTS been revealed? (False prophecy, child protection policy the lack of), decreasing ranks, GB members leaving).
    • And who is judging who? You started a thread saying how we're going to die and you aren't. Sounds like you are doing the judging.


    Bleep, why should people answer your questions when you have such a hit-and-run attittude to posting? Please answer the questions I posed in the following threads:

    If you don't answer them, expect to see a copy of this message every time you spam this board with another nonsense thread.


    Bleep, on another thread I pointed out the your understanding of the Society's resurrection doctrine is not correct. I even provided a chronology of the changes in that belief. Are you ever going to address my comments?

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