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  • Vivamus

    Amsterdam he?

    Welcome a board, this is a great place. Lots of people with lots of experiences.


    (Near Rotterdam )

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  • Larry

    Greetings Syn - Welcome to this site :) I spent a weekend in Amsterdam a few months ago, and let me say NYC has nothing on Amsterdam :) Anyway, yes you made some serious charges about the rituals. My uncle was telling me the same thing after he read one of David Icke's book. Did you happen to read his books? He's dubbed the most controversial speaker in the world. I consider myself open minded, but some of his ideas I can't fathom - Like the 'Shape Shifting' ideas or the Draconian/Reptilian Theories.

    I look forward to reading your ideas - Welcome aboard.

    Peace - LL

  • Syndromology

    Well to make it worse, although i still don't believe David Icke's (i'm reading his interesting book. The biggest secret!) theories,

    i did see reptile people when i was in tha trabuse shit, i was five at the time. The had me on a table with a black robe. They were wearing the same colour. They're faces were reptile like but later i "realised" it were masks......so...i don't. I got scared when i read David's outrageous theories...was it true then? Na, it can't be!!


  • Syndromology

    oh yeah, i'm officialy still connected, i never DA and i still haven't got DF'd. I did this because of my friend who is still in so he can associate with me, but he doens't want to hurt his family in associating a DF'ed or DA'ed person and getting DF'ed himself, so i understand. I'm gonna write a letter do, stating i no longer want to be associated. Noone in the congr speaks or calls me, only some freaks, so condsidering that i don't miss out on anything. Oh yeah, i deserve to be df'd because i have sex with my lovely girlfriend and don't regret it one minute! haha (i'll post my experience and why it got me out of the Borg in a later post in the adult_forum, this is possible right Simon? :) )

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  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    Hi Syndromology , welcome to this board!

    I am also from Holland and have a broad network of contacts, but you are the first person who reports that it is common within the Organization that sexual abuse goes hand in hand with devil worship.

    On a Dutch discussion-board you told us something more about your therapy sessions. These sessions are based on the teachings of a natural healer named J. Korthuis. In the scientific community his method is seen as quackery. I am also very skeptic about his methods.

    Although I did not partake in the Discussion on the Dutch Board, I have seen there that you are quite obsessed with Satan an his demons

    It is very good that also child abuse cases in The Netherlands and other countries come to light, but lets be careful to make a rash conclusion regarding the involvement of devil worship in child abuse.

    Rado Vleugel

    Sorry for this attackful welcome ;)

  • SYN

    Well, you've certainly arrived with a splash!

  • Syndromology

    Hey Rado, i saw your post. They were excellent. I totaly agree with you on the BCE method. I don't defend this to. It was more to show were they were coming from. I have my serious doubts about the method (the human is more than flesh and brains) and that's why i din't do another session. My obsession is not really big like you say (the post were responses to attacks, that's not an obsession by any means although i must admit i brought i up again). In daily life i don;t discuss this, so that's a bit exxxxxagerating. It's hard to prove it to be a fact, but still i believe it so, that there's is a connection. I mean i alrady learned this from my parents culture (there from the Caribean) that thing like these happen in secret.

    It just like people like Van den Heuvel (a JW Spokesman for the Netherlands) say there is little abuse in Holland. Tha's a farce, it's not true as you know. Saying that satanism nearly never happens in classes like theses is a joke though because these are ideal places, places where u won't expect it to happen. It will always be covered up or made ridiculous because that way u can control it without being stoppend. the majority will never believe it, that's the big weapon.

    Still , like i said i dont want to go into this because it's a negative topic. Just bring to the surface for a nanosec...


  • DakotaRed

    Welcome to the fracas, Syndromology. I hope you have some backing for these charges you have levied. I admit the Watchtower is a worthless cult, but into satanism?

    BTW, every satanist I ever knew does none of those things you mentioned.

    I look forward to hearing more about all this.

    Lew W

  • ballistic

    I am fearful that your extreme viewpoint you hold may cloud the vision of those being liberated by the simple truths that most of us here have experienced through our lives.

  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    Hi Syndromology,

    Are your parents from the Dutch Caribbean (I speak a few words Papiamento)?
    Sorry for the 'exxxxxagerating'. I have to respect if someone beliefs in the Devil. For me that's a little bit difficult because I don't believe in God either (but that is another discussion).

    There is sure more abuse than van den Heuvel says. I know also some very sad cases from our country.

    Rado Vleugel

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