Do you get disappointed if no one responds?

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    BTW...Larry..this is now a 'hot thread' more than 20+ replies! WTG!


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    Excellent post, Larry. You're shaping up to be a really great poster, dude!

    The sure way to make sure people respond to your posts is one of the things below:

    1. Boobies. Discussion thereof, pictures thereof, hints thereof, the removal of milk therefrom, the size thereof, and so forth are all guaranteed to make your thread a banger that'll stay on Page 1 for weeks.
    2. For the ULTIMATE banger super ultra uber-thread, include the word "Boobies" in your TITLE! >>> This <<< thread did that, and it is the second most posted-to thread of ALL time!
    3. Make ridiculous, unproveable, and preferably Bible Based (TM) assertions, then sit back and watch the waves, never bothering to reply. (No offense, Francois )
    4. Predict that the world is going to end in October. Every year.
    5. Start a flame war. This always works! It is the ULTIMATE!
    6. Speak in the 3rd person.
    7. Get other Trolls to speak in the 3rd person about yourself.
    8. Smurf dolls. 'Nuff said.
    9. Pictures. We are all picture lovers on this site!
  • blacksheep

    I think you are right on about the approval seeking. I still have vestiges of that (maybe EVERYONE does, whether JW or not), although as time goes by, I feel it less and less.

    The only thing I think I did for MYSELF, not for anyone else, or to show how "theocratic" I was to others, was to read quite a bit from old watcher/awake periodicals. We had quite a set at home when I was a teenager; I know I spent a lot of time perusing the various articles. Just for my own knowledge. (I hated service/generally disliked meetings).

    Funny. I think that very activity REALLY helped me come to terms with the inconsistency, the periodic changes in doctrine and the various changes due to social pressures the WBTS had to contend with. For example, check out their comments about women being raped. Just a few years back, the JW literature basically implicated MOTHERS treating sons badly as the reason for their anger, and subsequent rape of women! Also, women were guilty of wearing seductive clothing, which obviously enticed poor men into raping them. Good grief!!!!!! Obviously, the society's position on this issue has HAD to change over the years, but is very revealing. I think by reading thru their literature, with an open and inquisitive mind, I came to the obvious conclusion that it's NOT the "TRUTH." Not even close.

  • joeshmoe

    I recall underlining random portions of my WT as I was rushing to meetings if I had forgotten to study, just so I wouldn't look like some loser who hadn't studied. Oh yea, it was all for show.

    But while the witnesses encouraged that kind of shallowness, I think as some posters have already said, it's just human nature at work. I think we all crave some acceptance, even when we claim we're doing something just for ourselves. It's fighting against that kind of thinking that's the key to me. I may not be able to purge that need to impress others, but at least I can minimize it.

    P.S. yea, I get disappointed if no one resonds.

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    SYN: lol

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    I had a DAMn hard time figuring out what he meant until I realized he meant DIARY. LOL.


    See you ain't no good- smile

  • Sentinel

    This is a good post.

    Personally, sure I get disappointed when a thread doesn't take off like I'd hoped. To me, posting is like trying to start a conversation with a whole bunch of folks that I don't know too well. I'll start to talk and little by little, the room thins out. There are only just a couple listening to me. That's life. The ones that do already know me, kinda pop up to say "hi", and they respond. The others, who don't know me, may pass me by.

    This doesn't stop me from posting a new thread, or posting on someone elses thread. We just need to be patient and take time to get to know one another.

    There are some threads that don't interest me, so I know it's that way with everyone else. I try to make my threads interesting. It's like saying "hi, here I am and this is how I am feeling, or this is what I think, or what do you think about this or that?".

    I'm a people person, so all types of individuals peep my curiosity. I feel at home here, and I'm not offended when someone just doesn't "hear" me. There are so many postings that it's easy to miss a good one.

    Also, I do try to welcome any new posters.

    Love and Light,


  • Swan

    Mister 8iggs says:

    The REALLY frustrating part is when certain "Trolls" start a post and they get hundreds of responses from people on this forum when they respondents (and the Troll) know that the Trolls aren't sincere in their questions. Then, people with a serious or an important post gets buried.

    Yes, I agree. I make it a rule to avoid Troll threads. I don't even read them in order not to give them the satisfaction of seeing their READ counts go up.

    To answer the question of this thread:

    I like feedback, especially if I have an important question, but I don't get really disappointed if there is no response. Just the fact that I am able to add to the discussion is important to me. I find it cleansing to post, kind of like a form of therapy, where just getting your issues out in front of you in the form of words on the screen helps you to rid yourself of some of those hidden hurts from decades as a Dubbie!


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    Well I SURE AS HELL am not going to respond to this post!

    Mr.Biggs I was going to post this brfore UglyDuckling posted a response also. In fact I think I did.

    The REALLY frustrating part is when certain "Trolls" start a post and they get hundreds of responses from people on this forum when they respondents (and the Troll) know that the Trolls aren't sincere in their questions. Then, people with a serious or an important post gets buried.

    My 2 cents.

    Thats worth a lot more then 2 cents.

    I truly agree. And couldn't possibly agree more.

    I also get really really really frustrated when the same subject gets posted 40 times a week and the same arguments get reborn over and over and over and over never seeming to ever ever ever end.

    I think it great that this board is so BIG because even I can find enough topics to read without getting bored out of my mind.

    I get bored easy if something just keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on and on......

    OK that does it for me I'll be back in a few hours to read someone else's post.


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