Bowen and Inponderables (Serious)

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  • bboyneko

    The question of why bill bowen remained a JW despite knowing what they really are is a valid one. The usual explanation is that he could reach more people if he was in good standing. I think thats a noble reason. Do you present any evidence comforter, as to another reason mr. bowen remained a JW until forced out?

  • Crazy151drinker

    Crazy of tribe Drinking knoweth in his darkest heart that the fool knoweth as Comforter shall be slapped most rapidly with the back of mine own hand.

  • detective

    Speaking of fine food... I had a phenomenal dinner over the weekend. The best lobster ravioli I have ever tasted. The sauce was amazing. The meal was exceptional. The service at the restaurant was a bit slow and the waiter had no sense of humor but the food... wonderful!

    I assure you, HS, everybody eats when they come my house (you know that song?)

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  • comforter


    I am asking. I do not know why bowen want to remain jw after discovering it is a pedophile paradise. If i was Catholic and found out that the church was a haven for child abuse, they would not have to throw me out. I'd be out door instantly.

    And I do not like to play games with religion. If I gonna be a Witness, that is what I'm gonna be. If I gonna be Catholic, I will not pretend. I would not just wanna stay in jw to help others and all that junk. Revelation 18:4 command God's people to get out of Babylon.


  • comforter

    i have also read things on this board that make me think Bill might not believe in jw or Jehovah anymore. If he believe in jw, why he fellowship with df people and eat with them? Does not Bowen also use profane language. I could be wrong.


  • Crazy151drinker

    I do not know why bowen want to remain jw after discovering it is a pedophile paradise

    Then why are you still there????

    Looks like we have to take care of this once and for all.....

    *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

  • The_Bad_Seed

    Comforter, are you Holden Caufield?

  • comforter


    I do not believe jw pedophile paradise.


  • comforter

    bad seed

    I am almost for real. Comforter ain't Holden whattever.

  • BugParadise
    Hillary: Am I the only one who eats on this board? Surely you must have some favorites.

    I like to eat but since I was in a hurry I thought I share some current events

    Wedding bells in Blue Hawaii: Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage say 'I do'

    August 12, 2002

    HONOLULU (AP) - Elvis Presley's Hawaiian Wedding Song might have been an appropriate tune for his daughter this past weekend.

    A published report says Lisa Marie Presley was married Saturday to actor Nicolas Cage in a ceremony at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows on the Big Island.

    Hotel staff members told The Honolulu Advertiser the ceremony took place on the lawn in front of the Eva Parker Woods Cottage, a historic building that has been restored and turned into a museum.

    The ceremony was attended by Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla Presley, and Cage's son from a previous marriage, staff members said.

    Lisa Marie, 34, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, previously was married to Michael Jackson.

    Cage, 38, won an academy award for 1995's Leaving Las Vegas, and also starred in this year's Windtalkers, parts of which were filmed in Hawaii. His other movies include Honeymoon in Vegas, which includes skydiving Elvises, and Raising Arizona.

    Lisa Marie and Priscilla are scheduled to appear Friday in Memphis, where they will greet fans from The Pyramid stage at Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert.

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