What Women Want In A Man...

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  • LDH

    Vin Diesel would be nice, but short of that I'll keep the bill-paying, honest, faithful hard-working man I've already got.

    You *do* get an added bonus for having front teeth, though!!


  • COMF

    Things a handyman can do for his lady:

    set a stud in place
    measure it out
    nail it home
    lay her carpet
    crank up her thermostat
    plow her field
    finger-tighten a dripping fixture
    store things in the crawlspace

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    what do women want in a man?


    (vin diesel? oh-kaay)

  • LDH


    I wouldn't really need him for all that long. I was more thinking of a "temporary assignment," LOL.


  • LB

    So Lisa you want to assign Vin to an area where the need is great?

  • MrMoe

    Sorry ladies, but Vin Diesel is a DOG *blech*

    Men should look natural, not fake, including their bodies... and big bulky muscle grosses me out.

    Yeah, looks count, but it is a lot about...

    A sharp mind with a kind soul :}

  • LDH


    There is some unassigned territory to the south that needs working, LOL!


    Anyone that knows me knows I'm a sucker for clean cut athletic built guys. I'm like 6 feet tall, chick. I need somebody that can carry me over the threshold, so to speak. HA HA! Sorry!


  • MrMoe

    Huggles to LDH == well I am sure 99% of the ladies out there agree with you!



  • Farkel


    : According to Her Ladyship's group of pals, what today's woman wants in a man, is the ability to fix things!

    I was a championship handy-man type: I rebuilt car engines, transmissions, made beautiful hardwood furniture from scratch, laid vinyl tile, ceramic tile, built decks, cabinets, put in automatic sprinking systems, installed new electrical outlets, garbage disposals, sinks, made new counter tops from scratch, painted our houses inside and out, installed new garage doors, hung doors and screen doors, installed and repaired automatic garage door openers, installed new toilets, sinks, hang and finished drywall, textured ceilings, installed new glass in both the house and our cars, installed drapes, and blinds, laid new carpet, repaired carpet, cleaned carpet, put in Halogen lights with timers, put in new lawns, fixed washers, dryers and dishwashers, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't even remember.

    Didn't work for me. She said I was "too busy" doing all that stuff to spend any time with her, so she left me and married a guy who was actually did all kinds of construction for a living. (I never did.) In the ten years they were together, he didn't do shit around the various places they lived and it showed. She dumped him because he was lazy.

    Ya can't win.


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  • Beck_Melbourne
    Men should look natural, not fake, including their bodies... and big bulky muscle grosses me out.

    I just gotta agree with you Moe...just not my thang! I can gaze upon a sculptured body with admiration but I'm just not attracted to them. Does nothing for my libido.

    What every woman wants, is a man who is OBEDIENT!!!

    This means he can fix just about everything if you want him to, and he can fix it for your friends and neighbours too

    wife: honey, this door handle needs fixing
    husband: not now dear I'm reading the newspaper
    wife: but I really need you to do it now, I've got the girls coming over to my tupperwear party soon.
    husband: okay dear, I'll do it now *puts down paper and goes to hardware store, buys new handle, returns and does repair*
    wife: honey, the lawn is looking a bit long
    husband: but I've just sat down, can't I....
    wife: honey!!! The girls will be here soon.
    husband: yes, okay, I didn't really want to read it anyway *goes and mows lawn*
    wife: honey, before the girls get here, could you please go and clean yourself and come back and help me serve up cake and sandwhiches?
    husband: NO! I've had enough!
    wife: but I only want you to look nice so that the other girls will envy me.
    husband: should I wear the blue shirt or the black one dear?


    edited to add: whip whip whip!!!

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