Pro-Life or Pro-Choice--HELP

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  • Quincy

    Josie...yeah she is afraid..and her twin sister has put her 2 cents in too...but I think her sister is just upset that she is pregnant before she is. and I think my friend is afraid to face the reality of it....there are people out there who cant have kids...or have lost due to I think we should really take this and keep they baby.

  • willy_think

    Bull shit! Pay for nothing have no part of it! so you told her you would support her, in any decision she made. You thought you could, now you know better, Tell her. what about you taking the baby at birth, would that inconvenience her too much? Or would it shame her to see the face she rejected?

    Does she know what abortion is? Does she know that will sell the body parts, not as hunks of flesh, but as heads legs arms and torsos? has she spoken to women who have had abortion? This is no f-in joke if my X had an abortion my kid would me dead, and that is a fact.


    Well I suppose I will sound in here...I proudly say that I am Pro-choice----but I think the "choice" is made at the time of conception. That is when you chose to have sex or form of birth controll is 100%....therefore by definition you are takeing a calculated risk. But we all know what possible outcomes there may be. The choice has allready been made...and I think it says a lot about the person who would make the choice and then want to get out of the responsibility of makeing that choice.

  • SixofNine

    Just curious, what does she say when you offer to take full custody and responsibility of the child, and raise it w/o her involvement if need be?

  • amac

    This is obviously a sensitive situation and, not knowing the complete circumstances, people on this list can only offer general advise.

    My advise is to stand behind what you believe. Don't compromise and do something you think is wrong simply to be "sensitive" to someone else's feelings. You need to do what you think is morally right. If you are against abortions, then I would not even offer to contribute half of the cost. I would offer that the two of you need to decide whether or not you will keep the baby. If the two of you do not want to keep the baby, then look for an alternative route in adoption.

    This is all my personal opinion. One of the side effects of sex is a child. To simply abort a child because it is not convenient shows a complete disregard for life. If someone is so against getting pregnant and parenting a child, they should masterbate instead of having sex. I don't mean to be insensitive to your girlfriend/wife's situation, but there are certain times in life where we need to mature quickly and make sacrifices to take responsibility for our actions. This is one of them. Either raise the child in a loving home, and if you can't do that, find a loving home through an adoption agency...or Mr. Biggs. Good Luck!

  • Quincy

    I know its bullshit...she is a hypocrit...and it makes me mad..because she doesnt want to face the reality...I told her I would take full custody...and that even my brother and sister offered to adopt...but she wont budge....I makes me so F'in mad that I have no choice in this...I want to be a good father to my child...but now I cant.....thanks.....Q

  • StinkyPantz

    I'm with 6of9. So what if her mom is disappointed? What if one day her mom founds out about the abortion, and then it's too late?

    BTW, don't help w/the costs, it's solely her descion, so it should solely be out of her pocket (my opnion only) especially since she told you in the past she'd keep it.

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  • Quincy

    Stinky....That is the same thing that I brought up..and she thinks that her mother will want her the have the abortion...she is an adult...she needs to make her own decision..and stop thinking of what "mommy" might do.

  • jozb5

    Well this is all so sad.

    I don't agree with her desicion. There are other ways to handle an unwanted pregnancy and child. I feel sorry for you and terribly sorry for the child who's life will be taken away simplly cause the mother didn't want it.


  • Quincy

    Well I am very upset.....our relationship is going to be ruinned...Q

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