I personally would like to thank JanH

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  • zenpunk

    Your series on the history of the Blood Issue was amazing. My husband left the organization before I did but he always held on to the belief that blood transfusions were just wrong. So one night we read your series, parts 1 through 6 together. His jaw just dropped when he learned the truth! He said he couldn't believe that this pivotal belief was based on 19th century quackscience. Someday I hope my parents will open their minds enough to read what you have put together. I'm sure it was a lot of work and I wanted to say that it was really appreciated.

  • JanH

    Thanks, ZenPunk.

    Extend the thanks to Carl Olof Jonsson who did lots of the original research and presented it in Swedish (and English through Ray Franz' In Search of Christian Freedom). He was my primary source. Ken Raines surely also deserves mention for digging up a lots of info about Woodworth's quackery.

    I think it is invaluable that the exdub community contribute to sharing this & other information. It is true it has been out for decades, but it could get into far more hands & minds.

    - Jan

  • hillary_step


    I could not agree more.

    It is this sort of thesis that stands head and shoulders above the usual JW bashing that focuses on individuals and not the doctrines that make them.

    You know the type of thing, "elder lies about his taxes", "Told My JW Mother to F*** Off", "Is Jaracz A Cross Dresser", "Why Do JW's Wear Cheap Suits', "Two JW's At My Door NOW". Nothing is accomplished by this type of thread but a sort of back-slapping XJW club bravado. These things could just as well be said about any non-JW's, or members of the local golf club and the only impact they have is to reaffirm JW impressions that XJW's are a nasty, frustrated, spiteful bunch who attack anything WTS shaped just for the sake of it.

    The sort of threads that you have posted, focus on the real issues and like ZenPunk, I thank you for reminding us of them.

    Best - HS

  • LB

    Us shallow thinkers do appreciate the deeper thinkers like Jan.

  • WildTurkey

    I also really enjoyed and appreciate JanHs research. He is a very smart guy, although we have not met face to face I consider him a friend, and Im looking forward to the day I can get with him and kill a few of his brain cells.

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  • The_Bad_Seed

    Do you mind if I print the series off for my own personal use?

  • Joyzabel

    "elder lies about his taxes"

    "Told My JW Mother to F*** Off"

    "Is Jaracz A Cross Dresser"

    "Why Do JW's Wear Cheap Suits"

    "Two JW's At My Door NOW"

    Did I miss some threads here???? <quickly searching through old threads> hehe

    *In a very serious tone, now* Yes, I want to thank JanH for his lovely work. It keeps me coming here to look at the research others have done.

    Hugs to JanH and all the serious posters,


  • openminded

    I would pay money to hear Jan debate a dub person to person. om

  • onacruse

    Dear Yawn, please deign (read Dane) to admit that everything you know you learned from AlanF, and everything AlanF knows he learned from me!!!!!!

    I really enjoy and benefit from your thoughtful posts, though I must admit I am still struggling with the mitochondrial Eve hypothesis.

    Craig (of the delusional class)

  • waiting

    Please allow me to enter among the audience of appreciative readers........and clapping for JanH.

    Thank you, JanH. Along with others, I've saved this series of posts too.

    Btw, for posters wanting Blood information - Hawkaw and Maximus did some outstanding research also. Just check their threads started (particularily Hawkaw) and continue to be dumbfounded by the dumbness we dubs accepted as The Truth, New Light, Ever Brightening Light, yada yada.

    And many of us were ready to give our lives up for this!


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