I personally would like to thank JanH

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  • miner

    Let me add my appreciation for the series...I'm saving them all and eagerly waiting for the next installment. Thanks for your hard work!

  • JanH

    * bowing down *

    Thank you all! Much appreciated.

    I'll post the rest of the series when I find the time for it.

    BadSeeds, but of course, as long as it's not for sanitary purposes!

    om, I bet many JWs would pay a bit to avoid that happening.

    Wild Turkey, my mate. Don't worry about killing some of my brain cells. I support the theory that alcohol, like predators in nature, go for the weaker prey. So drinking weeds out the crappy brain cells and leaves the brain healthy and strong.

    Now that's my theory, and I'll stick to it!

    - Jan

  • Farkel


    : You know the type of thing, "elder lies about his taxes", "Told My JW Mother to F*** Off", "Is Jaracz A Cross Dresser", "Why Do JW's Wear Cheap Suits', "Two JW's At My Door NOW". Nothing is accomplished by this type of thread but a sort of back-slapping XJW club bravado

    I get in trouble when I say that!


  • TheStar

    Opps saw this kinda late...I too wanted to say that I appreciate all your work Jan but you should know that by now..

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