Woman forced to drink own breast milk at airport!

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  • maximumflash

    I watched O'Reilly Factor this evening. The woman on his show said she DID NOT HAVE TO DRINK THE MILK. I do not know if this was the same woman mentioned in the article.

    She said she was embarresed for about 6 minutes because he did ask her to drink it at first. Supervisor came out and said it looked like breast milk and she was off on her way.

    Still an embarassing situation to be in if I were around her at the time. I think I would have been embarassed for her.

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  • Quotes

    The current level of airport "security" does nothing to address the real problem(s).

    It may make some people feel better about flying, because they think that the airlines are secure. But like a good magic show, it is just smoke and mirrors, and the reality is very different from the fantastical appearance.

    Making people drink fluids to "prove" they are not dangerous? What a croc of horse manure. There was a story like this a while back about a young kid who had pond water samples and was forced to drink it. Of course, he was sick for days.

    What weapon(s) did Sept 11 terrorist use? Mostly planning and cunning, and most of all.... The AIRPLANE!!!!!... and a few snap-off blade style box cutters.

    They could do the same thing tomorrow even with the new "secure" airports, only substitute poly-carbonate blades (which are not picked up on metal detectors), and easily conceal them in one's trousers, socks, up the sleeve, etc.

    The real dangerous weapon was THE AIRPLANE!!!!! Taking away my nail file does NOTHING to increase the level of security!!!! What idiots and short-sighted nincompoops are making these decisions and setting these security policies? The logical fallacies remind me of medical practices in the 14th century... based on superstition and coincidence rather than sound reason.

    BTW, I am not trying to scare anyone against flying. Many more people died last year in preventable highway traffic accidents, but nobody is afraid of driving because of it, right? (I hope not). Airport security reminds me of automotive dashboards in the days before airbags: they often looked soft and cushioney, but underneath the thin lair of softness was often sharp metal edges that made nasty damage to collision victim's faces. Current airport security is like those old dashboards. Sure, you think it is safe, but you may be in for a huge surprise.

  • Goodboy

    > I saw this on the earlier report. It is so gross!

    Why on earth is this "gross"? Why is human milk considered foul, as if this woman was forced to drink her own urine? You drink secretions from cow breasts, don't you?

    This story is hilarious and infuriating at the same time. It's only gonna get worse. That's why I have a nice highway car. No flying unless I have to.


  • Mimilly

    While these hero wannabes are worrying about breast milk and not checking the papers of the woman who had the mastectomy (sp) - the REAL danger walks on by them.

    They've got delusions of adequacy and this only furthers making airport security a continuing farce. Incidents like these could at least be handled discretely.

    I'd sue their asses off their faces. I remember pumping breast milk - and it takes awhile, like other posters said. Airport security should not include humiliation.


  • LB

    I remember pumping breast milk - and it takes awhile

    At my age you can't believe how much work it is to fill a bottle.

  • Solace

    Hmmmm...... Goodboy does have a VERY good point.

    " Why is it so gross? You drink secretions from cow breasts, don't you?"

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