Tell me what you did on the doors?

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  • gravedancer

    we used to bang on the doors

  • Dismembered

    I cringed at the doors. Hated every minute of it.

  • YoursChelbie

    Joeshmoe, I did everything that you did!

    I was an AUX pioneer during the summer when I wasn't in school. Once, I managed to conduct ten Bible studies in a weeks time. Only way to get the 60 hours was to go indoors in the hot Texas summers!


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  • joeshmoe

    Reborn2002 said:

    Now I thank myself that by doing that I did not convert anybody!

    Good for you Reborn. Wish I could say that. *Sigh* More guilt. Great.

    Hey Chelbie, step outside and imagine if you were still Aux Pio in this August Texas heat!!

    I remember we (the two other male pioneers in my congo) would really make a point of dramatically watching the clock on break and only staying for 10 min. each time. The plain old publishers thought we were so consciencous and spiritual, especially in the hot summer. Of course that wasn't the reason. We simply knew that as long as we didn't leave with the rest of the group, we wouldn't have to work with them so we could just cut out and screw around for an hour or two. Then we'd come back to the KH and smile and wave at the others as we hopped in our cars. Great fun. Highly recommended service-avoidance tactic.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi Ballistic Baby;

    As you know,I NEVER went out on the ministry, could'nt face it-feigned depression instead-but the pubs. used to try and tempt me by telling me they spent the time eating as many mars bars as they could between calls-then trying to swallow them before the next door was answered.

    No wonder the ministry made me feel sick !

    edited to ask...why is this in the dating/relationships/sex bit- what did you think the rest of us were up to ??!!

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  • dolphman

    P>I would just "pretend" to be knocking or "push the doorbell" when i was with a friend of mine. We would always try and be together for field service, that way we could spend all day faking knocking on doors. No one in our territory was ever at home, so no one ever caught on.</P>
    <P>It really sucked when i actually had to knock on a door for real.</P>
    <P> ;</P>

  • ballistic

    Not sure why I ended up posting it here, I think if you are reading a topic in a particular forum and then click 'post new topic' it posts to that area.

    The other thing me and my friend used to do was wander round country lanes endlessly pondering completely futile scenarios. One day - at a small bridge, we asked eachother how much money it would take for us to jump into the river in our suits and with our brief cases. As we were pioneers and skint, we got it down to about 10 pound, but these were just hypothetical questions even if one of us could afford to pay up.

  • Nowfree

    If it was obvious that no-one was in, we used to stand at the door for ages, talking about anything but the ministry.

    I actually watched some witnesses do the same thing a couple of weeks go in my road!! How I laughed!!!

    I used to HATE anyone asking any questions - I was ok if they just took the magazines, but to EXPLAIN anything was just too much!!

    The ironic thing is that NOW I think I have a far better knowledge of the religion and could "hypothetically" put myself in "dub mode" and give the "approved" response to a householder.

    Although my CONSCIENCE wouldn't let me do it now.


  • Knotty_boy

    I didnt do this, but I was at the door, when my mother made a real ass out of herself.. The householder answered the door, and was a hefty size woman... after making her sales pitch, and placed 2 magazines.. told the woman "you look like your ready to bust any day!!! have you and your husband decided on a name??" Much to her horror.. the woman said.." I don't have a husband, AND I am NOT pregnant!!! I wanted to die!!!!! I never seen my ma so embarrased before!!!!! You should have seen her try to wiggle out of that one!!!

  • ballistic

    I'll tell you a ministry story I haven't told before:

    I was working door to door with two pioneer sisters from my congregation, S & P. I was working on my own and had got left a little way behind. Suddenly I saw then running down a flight of steps from a door as fast as they could and then onwards down the lane. I ran to catch up with them and asked what had happened.

    They had trouble telling me in detail but basically they had gone to a door and it was wide open. There was no one around. They knocked and waited - a good 5 minutes as you do. Thinking it was strange no-one had come to the door with it being open, they knocked again a bit louder.

    This time they heard the noise of someone scrambling towards the door. Just then, a man came running towards the open door with a t-shirt stuck tightly over his head so he couldn't see anything. Only thing was, he obviously didn't know the door was open as he was completely naked and, as the sisters told me, had a big stiffy, "bouncing up and down" as he ran towards them.

    I never saw them run so fast! They didn't even offer the 'Awake!'

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