Silentlambs March: Controversal Idea?

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  • Prisca

    Excellent post, this, very interesting comments by all.

    Unless we work in a hippy commune, what we wear to work is usually specified by our employer, not ourselves. Why? Because the company is concerned about image, and what our clothes say about us. That's why you will never see an unkempt receptionist (or you shouldn't). She is the front face for the company, and how she appears is representive of the company's values. Because of this, she may not be allowed to wear just anything she likes. They will have certain expectations, because of how outsiders will perceive the company to be, through the image the first point of contact gives.

    Now, many people will be looking first at the appearance of the protesters at the Silentlambs march. Primarily will be the Bethelites looking outside their windows. Secondly, will be the media crews. Thirdly will be the onlookers, and also the JWs who will see pictures of the protesters from the media or other venues (perhaps by Bethel taking photos of their own).

    Now the media won't really care if you have a tattoo on your arm, or if you have dyed your hair blue.

    But the JWs will.

    Like it or not, their mindset is such that they will look at the clothes and appearance first, your message second.

    So I would appeal to those protesting to consider what their appearance will say to JWs. Will it say "I'm a bum who doesn't give a stuff about my appearance", or will it say "I've moved on from being a JW, but I haven't lost my values"?

    We know the JWs are very judgemental. Overly so. So please consider what you wear will say to the JWs looking on. We want them to listen to the message, and not be swayed by the appearance of the protesters.

    Disclaimer: I am writing this from the perspective of the JW mindset. Personally, I don't care if people have tattoos or what they wear. I'd welcome people into my home based on them as a person. I wouldn't expect Valis (for an example) to cover up his tattoos or cut his hair if he came to visit me. I think he looks great, and cant imagine him any other way. But if my staunch-JW sister was to see him, she'd instantly judge him by his appearance, unfortunately. That is how the JW mindset works, and it vitually impossible to change.

  • Nanoprobe

    How Reliable Are the Views of Dissidents

    Dr Rodney Stark

    The most unreliable evidence available is from people who have quit a group and for some reason or another are harboring a grudge


    JW-Media paid Dr. Stark to label us as dissidents. They must think it is an effective tactic.

    I will march as Sister Faithful & Concerned about Child Abuse.

    I will Not march as Sister Df'd "I hate this Freakin' Cult"

    Sister Faithful is credible; Sister Hate Cult would march to protest the GB breathing NY air. Sorry but she is not too credible. JR will use every opportunity to paint us disgruntled EX Witnesses.

    Watchtower paid Dr Stark big bucks to label us Dissidents; I am not labeling myself for them for FREE

    I want to thank Prisca, Laurie, deddaisy and everyone else for discussing this idea.

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  • pomegranate

    I say:

    If you are a hippy, come as you are.

    If you are a preppy, come as you are.

    If you are a yuppie, come as you are.

    If you are a student, come as you are.

    If you are a business man, come as you are.

    If you are a man of god, come as you are.

    If you are an atheist, come as you are.

    If you come as someone that you really are not, then you are a liar just like them.

    From all DIFFERENT walks of life, Come as you are.


  • Dracula

    Why do u have such a problem with this idea pomegranate? It sounds reasonable enough. Remember this isn't a protest against Jehovah's Witnesses clothing policy, but against the members of Jehovah's Witnesses who are complacent with the current soft touch on pedophiles. I have a friend who was sexually abused by a jw pedophile, she's still a jw, him too, and she seems to think they do enough to stop sexual abuse. Yet as we all know, there hasn't been a sufficient deterent put in place to stop these bastards. The only way to make the governing body implement this kind of deterent is to cause upheavel and uneasiness within, just like what happened to the catholic church. When abused jw people (quite a few) and relatives see other people who look like the perfect image of a jw telling them somethings wrong, you're going to strike a chord with a lot more than if you had some hippie/feral, or even just you're average person talking. As nanoprobe said, image is everything as far as the watchtower is concerned, i mean just look at the watchtower books.

    Well done on the idea nanoprobe, are the organisers aware of this??

  • blondie

    Has the WTS ever marched or demonstrated? Let their own words answer that question.

    *** w89 6/15 15 "Behave in a Manner Worthy of the Good News" ***

    "MORE than 1,000 Witnesses" came to City Hall in lower Manhattan on September 29, 1988, reported The New York Times. They came in supportof a building proposal that was up for a hearing before the city Board of Estimate. Although the proposal to permit a new residence building at the world headquarters of Jehovahs Witnesses was turned down, the mayor "praised the Witnesses as extremely cleancut and said they were really to be admired."


    Normally, when over a thousand people come together to show support for an unpopular cause, what can be expected? Pushing, shouting, even displays of outright force and violence are not uncommon. Why are the Witnesses different? It is because they realize that at all times their behavior reflects on their belief. They remember well the Scriptural counsel: "Maintain your conduct fine among the nations, that, in the thing in which they are speaking against you as evildoers, they may as a result of your fine works of which they are eyewitnesses glorify God in the day for his inspection."1 Peter 2:12.

    *** w94 3/1 24-5 "The Hand of Jehovah" in My Life ***

    In those early days, we engaged in information marches, walking down the main street of towns wearing placards bearing slogans that exposed false religion and advertised Gods Kingdom.

    *** w89 5/1 5 Babylon the Great-Fallen and Judged ***

    Those intrepid Christians also paraded publicly , exposing false religion with placards that stated: "Religion Is a Snare and a Racket" and, "Serve God and Christ the King."

    *** w79 6/15 8 My Life as a Soldier-in Two Kinds of Warfare ***

    Sometimes a group of us would march down the street holding placards bearing such slogans as "Religion Is a Snare and a Racket" and "Serve God and Christ the King."
  • SixofNine

    I'm still confused as to just what the proposal is here???

    If it is to dress like JW's, I think that is just silly. For one thing, have you not noticed how ridiculously out-of-place JW's look anywhere other than a kingdom hall? Even when they try to dress well, most dress badly.

    I can see not wearing a cross, but other than that... I mean.... Witnesses don't allow beards, for god's sake. Besides, the point is not to fool witnesses into believing othe witnesses in good standing are marching on Bethel; they're nutty, but they're not that nutty. We wouldn't fool a single one.

    Righteously disposed witnesses (I love using that lingo) will look at even a Holly Brewer and listen to her story and understand where she is coming from. Tell me, what would you have her do about her look, Nano?

    I think Pomegranate is right, there is great value in just being ourselves, and showing witnesses what a huge cross section of society is concerned with their dirty laundry. After all, underneath, they are us... most don't want to dress the way they do, most would assume a different fashion persona if allowed. Different witnesses will identify with different lambs/apostates.

  • abbagail

    I agree with Nanoprobe and the original suggestion, that not only to the JW's but also to the world, FIRST IMPRESSIONS count for a lot. If this is aired on TV, lots of people will be watching, worldly people, JWs, etc. etc. I haven't been a JW for 12 years, and I am still shocked when I see how sloppy "worldly people" dress in general, on TV, in court rooms, even in churches. -- If you were going for a job interview, how would you dress? What do the "experts" say about that:? "First Impressions are everything" (to a prospective employer -- unless, of course, you're applying to be a plumber or something). So what's the big complaint about "dressing up" for a few hours to show respect FOR THE CAUSE? and to "spite" JR Brown, to prove Stark a liar, etc. etc. Does Bill dress casual for the news coverage so far? Is the March not more important than a few hours at Wal-Mart? -- What if all the men at the March were in dress shirts and ties? The JWs watching on TV and/or seeing the pics in the newspapers will be so confused because they will think it is Bethelites who have come down from their Ivory Tower and are standing up for THE LAMBS.

    Well, Nanoprobe, I wish I could be there. I'd definitely wiggle into a pair of panty hose and a suit or dress for the occasion. It seems the majority are against your idea, but I'm with your idea 100%, and for all the same reasons.

    Of the Dress-To-KILL Class

  • SixofNine

    What if all the men at the March were in dress shirts and ties?

    It would be a caricature, a joke.

  • Prisca

    But men in suits look sooooo distinguished........

  • abbagail

    Prisca, yowza! Give me a GQ Man anyday... Drool...

    Another idea as far as dress code could be that EVERYONE (who is fortunate enough to be at the March) wear the Silent LambsTee-Shirt Bill has at his webshots site. Slacks/jeans or whatever with the SL TEE SHIRT, which is the important thing: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise the Lambs and their Message.

    Maybe that's what they already plan to do anyway (i.e., wear the tee shirts)...?? You know, like when the throngs of people who participate in the Walks for Breast Cancer, and they ALL have on those pink tee shirts... that's the vision I'm getting now with the Silent Lambs Tee Shirts... Whattaya think?


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