Puffs Weekday Poll #1

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  • LyinEyes

    I dont get up in the morning. I just went to bed !!!!!!!!!

    But upon rising , what ever time it is I: never wake the children

    Go to bathroom

    Get a cup of herbal tea

    Come to this site

    Let the dogs out

    If no tea , coke

    Think about going back to bed

  • BeautifulGarbage

    C. No explaination. Sitting, of course.

    A. I usually get everything ready the night before and set the timer so coffee is ready when I get up. I only have ONE cup every morning. But I HAVE to have that cup. I have one large mug of coffee with one package of hot chocolate. When it cools enough to drink, I put a very large dollup of Coolwhip on top. Yum.

    F. I get two newspapers every morning.


  • TheStar

    Well for the past couple of years my morinings have gone in this order:


    But starting today I joined the ranks of the unemployed (your not alone now Craig). So now my days will vary but I really liked my morning today. No rush, I watched the morning news, made some breakfast (hadn't done that in ages), didn't shower until later in the day.... and while I spent the whole day looking through job classifieds it was nice not to be in my usually rush rush, go go mode.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    Brush my teeth while peeing sitting down, and bemoaning the fact that it is morning.

  • gumby

    make Cuban espresso, then I make cafe con leche with it, take my meds, sit outside and smoke while meds take effect. Then I get online with my international pen pal(s).

    Frankie baby......SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me...I take a pee, make coffee, go get the paper while coffee is brewing, Read internet mail or go here and see what up, poop, shower , get ready for work , make lunch, (forgot about a smoke after coffee kicks in ) go to work. Sex? Not convienent or prudent at this juncture.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I'm sure Ozzie won't mind if I post in a rival thread LOL.

    1. C - sitting, though I do stand in public toilets if I HAVE to use them, but that wasn't the question, beg yer pardon

    2. A - white coffee one sugar - very big cup

    3. D - lots of lather and electric toothbrushing at the same time followed by L (work clothes, pantyhose, what a drag!)

    4. No time for E, F, G and I don't H anymore, and "I" goes without saying, the kids are up and doing C A and D in their bathroom (only the eldest does A) and we don't have a J anymore.

    5. K - I always skip it, sometimes its an Up and Go breakfast drink or a banana when I have time to be leisurely

    6. Don't need M due to tubal ligation

    7. And lots of N - scream at kids to hurry up (not really a scream, more like a whine "are you ready yet???") - put the washing machine or dryer on or both - scream at kids some more as I pick up discarded sox, coffee cups, hair brushes and school notices all over the house (again, more like a whine then a scream 'would ya put things away when you've finished with it, don't leave it them for me, and why haven't I seen this school notice til today??)...and finally, make lunches and get meat out of freezer for dinner.

    8. Drive to school, drop of one, then two and three, and drive to work, find a park in city, before running to elevator with hand bag, lunch bag, umbrella (cos I don't want to get my hair wet), and coat all in hand, while also trying to put car keys in bag and searching for my building ID card (doing this while running at a slow trott) - get to my office and log on to computer and check for mail from international pal (no 's' cos I only have one!!) My day begins and I'm exhausted.


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  • anewlife

    Beck: I could totally picture you in the morning with your description. It was great! Your morning sounds a lot like mine when the kids are in school. It's summer vacation right now still.

    So here's what I do in the summer:

    Head straight for the bathroom. Even though I probably got up twice during the night...it never fails...I've got to go again...definitely sitting, (we females don't have the luxery of standing!)

    Take shower.

    Blow dry hair.

    Get dressed.

    Let my cat out (or in if she decided to stay out all night).

    Go into kitchen...sometimes get a bowl or cup of cereal and take it back into the bathroom with me because I'm always in a hurry.

    Finish makeup and curl hair (if needed).

    Back to kitchen where I can't stand the mess my sons have made the night before after I went to sleep and start picking up dishes and throwing away food wrappers etc.

    Head for car about 8:30 to get to work by 8:45 so I can get myself a cup of coffee, which is already made by another coworker, before starting the day at 9:00. Coffee: 1 cup, flavored creamer w/1 tsp sugar.

    During school time....day starts much earlier and my morning sounds a lot like Beck's! LOL

  • Vivamus

    Okay I wake up and the first thing I do is

    [C] Use the toilet; sitting

    Then I walk into the kitchen for

    [B] Make tea, any flavour will do, but herbal is a favorite and at the same time I will

    [M] Take medication for the headache I usually have

    And then, I take my tea, walk upstairs to

    [N] turn on my computer, check e-mail, surf the net, chat with friends etc. Around noon, I'll get dressed.

    Unless of course I have company, then E applies big time.


  • Prisca

    My mornings are usually:

    [C] Use the toilet - sitting

    [M] Take medication(s)

    [L] Put on clothing and walk out the door to go to work - while I'm rushing out I grab some food for breakfast on the run (Up and Go breakfast drink and a "health" bar) and for morning tea

    [N] Drive to work in peak-hour traffic (takes 40min)

  • ozziepost

    When's morning?

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