What you got on "under" there????....

by SpiceItUp 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • onacruse

    Hey, not fair!!!!!! Turkey playing with marbles in his pockets does NOT count as free balling, nor does the failure of his wife to do the laundry have ANYthing to do with this thread. Please refer to my earlier post and make a MEANINGFUL reply.

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

    PS: Take "meaningful"="picture" lol

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  • professor

    Red cotton boxers with fish pattern from Target.

  • Dismembered

    Weird, nuttin hunny

  • joannadandy

    Bikini all the way. Usually black, usually cotton, tho my all time favorite is this fabric called peach skin...ohhh mama! Silky and soft at the same time, not as slippery as satin. LOVE that stuff!

  • RandomTask

    Boxer briefs, more comfortable, no wedgies and not too constricting. The best of both worlds IMO

  • Crazy151drinker

    Boxers when I want to chill at home or I got a hot date and need some easy access. Otherwise briefs or boxer briefs, gotta have the support folks! And there is nothing worse than gettin a stiffy when its pointing the wrong way. Stupid boxer get it caught on the leg........grrrrrr


    A leather thong with spikes,and flashing lights that say "Home of The Whopper"..LOL...OUTLAW

  • gumby

    Underwear, who needs them, I like to freeball

    Why you ball swinging bastard you!

    Try laying carpet and kicking a KNEE KICKER .....and see how you like" freeballing"YYYYYYow!!!!!

    Going underwearless is kooooooooool.....under the RIGHT conditions.

    Joaanadandy girl....you ARE a rascal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • outoftheorg

    Boxers-white tighties- what ever turns the wife on at the store I END UP wearing.

    Right now I have boxers on that have a picture of a tool belt on them and in large letters FIX IT!

    FIX IT! FIX IT!.

    That should tell you what I am doing. Remodeling the house.

  • bigfloppydog

    OUTLAW; What a totally funny and cute comment, I love that. I will never be able to go to Burgar King and think of the Whopper Burger without a smile on my face.

    I like tight and silky on my man (for playing around). I like to see what I'm getting. Thongs are good on guys, with their tight tush. Other than that briefs for him.

    Me I prefer no undies at all.

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