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  • Sirona

    Navigator: I do believe in our thoughts affecting our reality. Uncertainty is the most difficult thing sometimes. If I knew the cancer had spread, I could concentrate on thoughts of recovery. At the moment, I just don't know yet. Thanks for your advise and positive thoughts.

    Simon and Angharad, thanks! I'd like to do something around the time of my birthday, yes. Can we sort out when the next gathering is going to be? There are lots of people on this board who are in the area.

    I'm becoming more stressed as Thursday nears, but I was reassured yesterday when the lady on the Cancer Marx line told me that sometimes chemo is not necessary even when there is spread to the nodes. She said that I would have the nodes removed, and would likely need immune booster injections (Interferon). It helps to know the options, anyway. I hope its clear!


  • Reborn2002


    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Sirona

    Hi Everyone

    I got my result. Or rather I didn't.

    The biopsies taken did not include lymph gland tissue (in other words she missed the gland with the needle). Apparently this is easy to do (it is hard to get a good biopsy from an enlarged lymph node).

    So there is NO result.

    Consequently, I have to go into hospital on Monday 19th Aug, and have a general anaesthetic. They will then attempt to get a good biopsy with a needle again.

    The specialist is reluctant to open me up and take the gland out at this stage. Reasons given were that the node is still very small (although bigger than it should be of course) and if she opens up under by arm then she may not actually be able to find it. I trust her judgement here because she did explain that although she can feel it through the skin it is difficult for her to remove it. There was a possibility that she could get the enlarged gland in my neck because that one is bigger, but she is reluctant to give me a 3 inch scar across my jaw line if it isn't absolutely necessary.

    I'm happy to let them attempt biopsies when I'm 'out' and see what comes back.

    An added complication is that I have two suspicious looking skin marks....one on my chin (yep....its small but clearly shouldn't be there! bloody great place to get it isn't it!?) and one on my arm near the scar. She is going to remove both while Im knocked out, to ensure they are not additional melanomas.

    I'm also having blood tests for Glandular Fever and other ailments which cause enlarged glands.

    If ALL of this comes back clear, she will then operate and remove one or more of the glands to be sure.

    I'm happy about how things are being handled and I don't feel too bad about going in on Monday. They are extremely good at Whiston hospital and I will probably be out the same day.

    Thanks everyone for your help and support


  • Been there
    Been there

    Thanks for the update! Sorry they couldn't have eased your mind abit. They will do a much better job with you sleeping, they won't worry about hurting you. I was prayin at 9:40 could ya feel it? Take care and enjoy your weekend. Good luck Monday.

    KY Been

  • Simon

    We'll be back home soon and will arrange something with the gang.

    Sorry you still have to hang on to find out what the situation is - I can imagine how stressful that is.

  • Sirona

    Been - thanks so much for praying :) Yes, I've been able to feel the collective prayers of many.

    Simon, I'd like that a lot. Thanks


  • betweenworlds

    Aw Sirona!!!

    So sorry to hear of all the turmoil you have going on right now! I didn't catch this thread earlier and didn't realize you have been ill. You will defininately will be in my thoughts and prayers!



  • BeautifulGarbage


    Just wanted to send you some good vibes.

    I will be holding your hand (in spirit!) while you are "under" for the second biopsy.


  • Sirona

    Thanks every1,


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