Even Worse Day

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  • YoursChelbie


    You'll get better, I just know it. Take care and always remember to get a second or third opinon on any procedure or treatment.


  • waiting

    *sigh* - there's an old saying "If it weren't for bad news, there wouldn't be any news at all." Looks like today fits that bill.

    However............tomorrow may be 100% different. Worth waiting for, eh? Your calm while facing a possible storm is incredible, Sirona. Please be gentle with your feelings tonight & seek out some 3-dimensional friends tonight - just touch base with warm beings. Make some phone calls to say hello.

    Take care.


  • outnfree

    waiting gives good advice.

    Spend time with real people tonight.

    Let them warm you and love you and make you feel better.



  • Sirona


    I just logged on, its a little late, but I'm not too keen on trying to sleep yet...

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. It always amazes me how everyone on here can be so caring and supportive!

    I will log on tomorrow and let you know what happened.



  • Fe2O3Girl


    I am near enough to give you a real hug. I am sending you my phone number, call me anytime. You are in my thoughts.

    Take Care.......

  • Sirona


    Heres my update.

    My cancer specialist confirmed that the glands on the right side of my neck are enlarged (one in particular). She also found (to my horror) a lump under my arm. Its an enlarged lymph node. This is worrying since the first sign of cancer spreading is an enlarged node under the arm.

    She took a biopsy from both areas (with a needle -ouch!). My results are next Thursday. They said that if the results are clear, then they will take the enlarged node out from under my arm anyway, to be sure. If the results are not clear, I will have to have further treatment such as all lymph nodes removed and possibly chemical treatment (chemo).

    I'm terrified. They said lots of things about not worrying, about how glands can swell for lots of other reasons. They said they feel confident. I think they said what they usually say to someone in this situation.

    Flicking through melanoma information a few days ago, I found a statement that upset me : Melanoma is the biggest killer of women aged 26-29 in the US. Good thing I'm in the UK eh? OK well thats not a joke but I'm trying to think on the positive side, but my thoughts seem to dance around the idea of my own death....just for a second...before I tell myself that its all OK and that even if the cancer spread, I will be OK.

    A 70 year old woman living near us had all her lymph nodes removed, etc. and she is fine. I know logically that I will be OK. It might even be clear.....


  • onacruse

    SOOOO sorry for your plight. Sure hope that everything works out. You are a fighter, hang in there.


  • Prisca


    I live half a world away, but if I lived anywhere near you, you would have got a call or visit from me.

    Positive vibes going your way honey.

  • Mackin

    We're all thinking about you Sirona.

    There's a whole bunch of positive thoughts coming from the southern hemisphere.


  • Sirona

    This cancer thing fills me with a sense of urgency. I have to *do* things while I still can.

    Work seems irrelevant. I'm sitting here wasting hours of my life. They are filled with urgency for the next order, yet I lack any serious motivation. I hope I'm not asked what I've been doing today.

    I'm sure this is a perfectly reasonable way to feel.

    I wonder if there are any online articles about the psychology of those dealing with cancer? I'm sure I'm a text book case.

    I hope its all a storm in a teacup.


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