Even Worse Day

by Sirona 48 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Prisca


    Hang in there. Take the day off if you feel you can't cope sitting there at work.

    Do something nice for yourself today - treat yourself to a movie you've been wanting to see, have a coffee at a really nice cafe, have a relaxing bath....

    We're here for you.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Prisca how dare you flame this thread being so provocative. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you are satisfied with the evil you have wrought!


    I just thought id say that before someone else did)

  • Prisca

    *slaps RF*

    I mean it, Sirona. Please look after yourself.


  • Sirona

    HI Prisca,

    Thanks. I have hardly done any work. I'm sort of feeling numb and I can't really concentrate on things.

    I'm trying to rationalise and tell myself that theres no point getting upset right now. There is no point, but it still happens.

    I will get a video like you said and take it easy tonight. Only 3 hours left of work...


  • Matty

    Well, I haven't worked much today either! When I get the sack I'll blame you! Anyway, I hope you can feel the wave of love coming your way from all the hundreds that have read this thread as well as those who've replied. It's one of those topics that is really difficult to talk about, but talk about it you must!

    ((mo' hugs))

  • Imbue

    Sirona, many persons have survived with their lymph nodes removed. It's a very common for breast cancer patients to have nodes removed. Don't panic until you're diagnosed. Swollen lymph nodes could just mean your immune system is working. It may not be cancer. Your fears sound perfectly normal so get yourself to a support group soon. Take Care

  • waiting

    Hey Sirona,

    Melanoma is the biggest killer of women aged 26-29 in the US. Good thing I'm in the UK eh? OK well thats not a joke but I'm trying to think on the positive side,

    Actually, that was pretty good. We had a tv series over here about 5 years ago about 4 sisters & their families. One sister got cancer and handled it like I would assume I would. Anger, stupor of non thought, etc., etc.

    Then she got into a group which used humor - and usually very dark - as a tool to get through their emotions, to communicate, to adjust, to try to understand, and then to laugh. It was a good show. Some of the patients had good outcomes, some not-so-good. That's the way with our world.

    Btw, Imbue made some fine points - many reasons could be occuring and none cancer. But I understand your feelings - I'd be going nuts. Lol, that's my style.

    Sirona, your humor is a fine asset - will get you through many love affairs and rainy days

    Love - waiting

  • Dutchie


    Thinking of you. Love, Dutchie

  • Ice Blue
    Ice Blue

    Just caught up with your news.

    I truly understand your fear.

    Warm wishes


  • teenyuck


    I am so sorry...it sounds serious.

    I did a quick search and found some support groups. You may want to see what they offer. One offers one-on-one support.

    Here is the link:


    I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. You are in my thoughts. I will think positively for you.



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