What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?

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  • Swan


    When they asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks, he answered "Cause that's where the money's at."

    Of course, Willie was caught, incarcerated, escaped, caught, incarcerated, etc., etc., etc.

    Life's too short. Go for the groceries.

  • RR

    I don't have spare time, I'm always on this darn computer!

  • Farkel


    : Could you folks help me with my decision, please?

    I suggest a new career in either the food-service or housekeeping industry. It's not really challenging for a man of your letters and experience, but the pay is great. And you'll have plenty of time to serve where the need is grape.

    Really Bad Pun Class

  • larc

    Farkel, you have helped me emensly (sp), because you have pointed me in the right direction. First off, as a man of letters, I don't wart to do that ever again. Boys, just want to have fun, especially at my age, well, at any age. Also, serving where the need is grape is important to me. My favorite hysterical figure was Alexander the Grape. He is part of prophecy, don't ya know, even more than the Ming dynasty. Well, that is what the book studies taught me anyway.

  • jack2

    Read, listen to music, play sports, workout, chat online, hang here.

  • Mulan

    UG, I have the Fiery Cross, but haven't read much of it. It is HUGE!! Thick!!

    I read Sarum a few years ago.............haven't read London, but Dave has.

    I am also a genealogy nut.

  • zev

    i try to get people out of a dangerous and incideous cult

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I like to read posts by Hillbilly and Farkel because they are more entertaining then a good book...and I like to flirt unashamedly with Francois....but not necessarily in that order!


  • queer_reality

    I love to read. I read online (here and elsewhere), I read books and in a pinch,
    I'll read just about anything. I spend *way* too much time online.

    I love to pester my obnoxious siamese cat.
    I enjoy movies.

    I don't watch much broadcast TV and I don't have a sattelite or cable so I don't watch 'premium programming'

    I love being around the redwood trees, especially in the fog.

    I enjoy driving, as in going somewhere, not sitting in a traffic jam.


  • Trotafox

    Well, let's see. I don't have a lot of free time and what little I do gets sucked up by this @#$% computer and my @#$% job... OK. I feel better now. Onward.

    • Dance, dance and more dance (BTW... the shag is also a swing-type dance in the South particularly the Carolinas...go figure)
    • Read (mostly Christian)
    • Play with my animals that I don't have (because I don't have the time to give them)
    • Travel (which I don't have the money to do)
    • Bible reading/study
    • Crocheting


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