Ladies. Your Favourite Bunch Of Flowers Would Be?

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  • jaccilynn

    a messy bunch of wild flowers would be wonderful.

    or a single sunflower...

  • Sabine

    What a lovely thread!! I agree with some of the ladies that stated really any flower would be great. I am partial to all white arrangements, love lilies, gardenias, freesa, cala lilies,'s all good!!

    Makena has a nack for bringing home flowers just when I need a boost. It's so sweet, love ya hun!

  • ConnieLynn

    It depends on the occasion, but generally I love a big bouquet of daisys or sunflowers.

  • Trotafox

    Roses in any color with baby's breath.

    I also like yellow tulips.


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  • Prisca

    My favourite is roses as well, particularly red or pink roses.

    I also love the scent of jasmine.

  • Princess

    Those who say roses have been done to death have not recently received them! D8TA and his wife brought me the most beautiful roses on Saturday. When I returned from a week long vacation with the kids last month, my prince had two vases of red roses waiting, one for me, one for our four year old daughter. <sigh>

    I love tulips in the spring and sweet peas in the summer, but I'm happy to be the lucky recipient of any flower.


  • LB

    Mrs LB informs me that she loves a fistful of wildflowers. Go figure, they don't have any smell to them and they are free. But I have a feeling if I brought home a dozen roses she wouldn't mind. Then again, she'd wonder what I did wrong.

  • bigfloppydog

    I love all kinds of flowers. Wild ones are especially gorgeous, so many different colours.

    When my hubby brings flowers, they are usually red, pink, or white roses, with babies breath added.

    It is also nice to be able to go out and pick wild flowers in the spring.

  • SixofNine

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