Sorry Englishman, Mulan said we beat you!

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  • ozziepost
    I never saw such well behaved children at any JW gathering I ever attended.


    How did they manage to do that without the "loving help" of the attendants?

    Glad you had a great time.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • DIM

    My wife and I had a great time, it was really nice to meet so many of the people that post many stories! Feel free to post my picture!

  • Swan

    To Don Adams, President, WTBTS

    Re: My first spy report

    Dear Don,

    After posting on this board for the last two weeks and making it all the way to junior member, I infiltrated my first apostafest this weekend. We drove all the way from Salem to Edmonds, WA and back in one day. But in the remaining time we had left (6 hours) we observed all sorts of unruly behavior!

    I myself was very nervous mixing with these Apostates at first, even for the good of the organization. The first thing they did was offer me wine! (Gasp!) I did have onee glasas but I diddn't lett it go tooo my hed at al Don, I ashure you! Also people were laughing! Can you imagine that! Also they were involved in bodily contact as many hugs between many people were exchanged! (Gasp!)

    I forgot my camera Don, I'm sorry to say, in my rush to make it up to Seattle in time. (You know, you don't have to hoard the whole 1.25 billion dollars you get a year. You could have sprung for a $40.00 motel for us.) Anyway, plenty of others took pictures. Look for them here on this board. I did take names though.

    Well there was food galore! It was a sinfully delicious meal. (Gasp!) And the shocking thing was there were no contributions asked for it, or even meal tickets! And the parking was free! (Gasp!)

    Well, Don, to sum it up, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, after attending this Apostafest, I've decided to join them. (Good news for me. See my new expanded bio and website. That's right. I'm out!) The bad news is that you don't get the names and I'm not sending you any salmon.

    Tammy :p

  • Englishman
    Yep, there are 19 of us here at Princess' apostafest! whooooohoooooo are we ever having fun.

    Whoa there, Ma'am! You can't count yourself or Jst2, as you're already on MY list! You are, what is known here, as "cup-tied".

    Does that make sense, 'cos it doesn't to me!


  • ISP

    ((bows down))........

    Defeat accepted!

    Working on the next one though, here in the UK!


  • Searchin50

    I'm SSSSSOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to meet you all. But my present circumstance, will not permit me this privilege.I'm just pea GREEN with envy!!!!!!!! wine YES salmon NO! My hubby would of loved it. It is his favorite food, he eats the salmon, I drink the ABSOLUT !!!!!!! Thanks for all the posting about all the friendship! I would love to meet you all. Until then I will remain [email protected]

  • Salud

    Just want to add that my wife had a blast and enjoyed meeting all of you. It is nice to finally put some names to faces.

    Especially want to thank Rachel and her husband for the FANTASTIC job they did. Her husband got up at 3 AM to get the meat going in the smoker, what a trooper!! My hat goes off to both of you.

    An annual event? Well Rachel and family will have to decide on that one...

    I loved the Shulamite song, we were rolling on the floor... well maybe Venice was.

    And the sun finally did come out to cap off a wonderful day and evening.

    Glad to have met all of you and hope to see you all again sometime...

  • saltiest

    Auuugh! I so wanted to make it up there but couldn't this time. At least my sister (kikisdragon) was able to tell me about it, and hopefully there'll be one next year. Sounds like everyone had a blast. :)


  • LB

    I was the last to show up. So I did miss quite a few people. I"ll never be late again. I promise.

    But I did sneak a bite of salmon, it was good.

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