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  • Satanus

    For what it's worth, i also believe in reincarnation, but have very little belief in karma. I think the karma doctrine is the eastern equivalent to the western punishment for lack of faith and/or goodness.


  • R.Crusoe

    Since every molecule currently held by your life force has previously been in many others, the idea of reincarnation is sceintifically sound!

    Whether parts of you were a mosquito ,amoeba, shellfish or whateva and even prehistoric dinosaur.

    It is all highly likely parts of you once were!

    And also that the molecules in you were part formed by solar energies combined with ancient plantlife!

    Thus you are a concoction of the Earths history in a realtime chemical pod!

    However, whether ethos, divinity and spirit are equally as imbued in you from all previous expressions since the beginnings of time is less proveable and it is this which posits conjecture amongst us leading to some attempting to establish as solid facts that which is and always has been fluid. The notions within each of us which may or may not reform in successive generations absent that which is transferred via records and human interactions! The idea of otherness being in some way reformed elsewhere is a fact - each of us influence those around us and as such influence this and successive generations with the permutation of our input and legacy so that it dilutes to some extent in successive generations, or grows a life of its own according to popularity.

    But what baffles and preoccupies many of us is the - whetherness of our individuality is preserved?

    It is this which governs many lives and why some choose to believe the unbelievable whilst others do not!

    It is this which disposes some who do not believe it wholly to follow it partially because it bestows them with some personal advantage, be it personal coping mechanisms, or friends, wealth and social acceptance etc.

    We each strive to delve for truth but alas few if any of us will stand alone and deliver our personal views in the face of everyone else without seducing ourselves with some of their ideologies in order to comply and tribalise ourselves amongst our fellow species - which almosts suggests none of us truly seek truth at all costs but endeavour to seek value amongst our counterparts within the forged reality we all live within. In fact not doing so likely would obfiscate the possibility of knowing what one discovers since we are an interactive species looking constantly for some validation of whatever we are or do, whether from our onw or other life forms!

  • new boy
    new boy


    I agree with you I have a different Idea about Karma too. I believe there is "NO have to go back" kind of thing to make things right...Since everything on the other side is love....we choose to come back, no one is making us.

    We come back to find out about the biggest mystery there is in the universe....and that is my friend "Who we are and what makes us tick"

    R Crusoe

    Right on your are nearer then you think!

  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    Fun pass stuff!

  • metatron

    Ever heard about young German kids talking about being in concentration camps in a previous life?

    Does reincarnation explain the persistence of homosexuality better than genetics and evolution?

    If babies spend a lot of time in a dream state, what can they dream about?

    Do babies really enter the world as a blank slate? Or are they preprogrammed to a degree not often admitted?

    How do animals practice complex instinctive behaviors when they had no contact with their parents? ( cowbird, etc)


  • Satanus

    Lol @ newboy. Takes stuff. Passes it.


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