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  • gsx1138

    I love how people always want individual proof. Marilyn I could prove it to you but I'd have to kill you and that would throw my Karma out of whack. You could prove it to yourself and commit suicide but that too would mess with your Karma.

    I'm more inclined to believe in circular time than linear. Angels, heaven, hell, Devil, God are all good for scaring you into faith.

  • SpiderMonkey

    Reincarnation makes perfect sense... but karma doesn't. At least, not "life to life" karma. What would be the point of being born into a miserable situation if you didn't even know what evil you'd done to earn it? What would be the point of being born into a wonderful situation if you didn't know what good you'd done to earn it? I would think that between lives, we ourselves choose the general scope of our next experience, from a near-omniscient perspective... And if we were Hitler or Manson last time, what would we gain next time by being the elephant man or a crack baby or a persecuted member of a minority, or whatever? How many people born into miserable situations are likely to do a past-life regression to find out the "cause of their suffering?" I do think that reincarnation makes sense, but more in the sense of continuous growth, rather than a balancing-the-scales karma thing.

  • space

    I agree with reincarnation totally. In Western or Christian civilization its thrown out completely. I feel that this is sad because down the line while the bible was being changed by different people to meet there laws and standards it got taken out by because thay felt it would jepordize there authority. It makes me mad that christianity has this hold over people that they cant even read a book about other religions with a open mind. Personally I have combined every religion together and it makes more sense than just one alone. Its all about unconditional love, and thats free.

  • space

    By the way I agree with you space monkey

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    NAH. Just cloned by repetilian aliens to do their drone work...and pay taxes.


  • SixofNine

    We have been judges, soldiers, harlots, pleasants and some have been kings.

    Baah! Mindless drivel!

    Relatively speaking, the number of of harlots, judges and kings on this earth, is, and has been, miniscule. Amazing how people who can't deal with reality always have interesting jobs in their past life(s). Oh I know, you included peasants, but the real question is why you included anyone but peasants. That is by far the station in life of the overwhelming majority of people who have ever populated the earth. The others are so few it isn't really worth a mention.

    Now soldiers, yeah, there have been a few, but a soldiers life is hardly as romantic as a soldiers reflection on having survived would make it seem. Most have just been canon fodder.

    It would be interesting to find out how many female reincarnates imagine that they were soldiers in past life. I'd bet not nearly as many as male reincarnates.

    And that Karma shit, that's just mean.

  • expatbrit

    What I want to know is why everyone was Cleopatra in a past life?


  • Southland

    How do you explain the population growth? If we have all had past lives, then I would think the population on earth would be stable over time. But the fact is that it's growing. So all these new people, where do they come from if they have no past lives.

    I'm not knocking reincarnation ... I would love to believe there is more to life (tm), but not sure how to reconcile it.

  • SYN

    I was definitely a Smurf in a past skin still turns purple and my nose enlarges on occasion!

  • SixofNine

    Time for SYN's parents to have "the talk" with that boy. "no, no son, that's not really another nose, your mother was just a bit embarassed to talk about such matters when you were younger..."

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