What pisses you off about elders wives?

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  • Mary

    Elders Wives: The Chosen Ones.............

    I can't stand their hoity-toity attitude towards everyone else at the Hall. Even if you are priviledged (vomit!) enough to have one of them actually stoop low enough to talk to you, there's always that condesending attitude when they do as though your life should be complete now that one of THEM has given up 5 minutes of her useless life to socialize with the likes of you!

    Most elders wives are a bunch of lazy, gossipy, competitive women: Few of them have ever (or WILL ever) work outside the home, even though their kids are in high school or even gone, and they have virtually no concept of life outside of their family, the gossip in the congregation, and what new toy some other elders' wife just bought which SHE must have immediately!!! And what about that sister that's just lost 35 lbs?!! How did she do it??! I'm SURE she must be anorexic or bulimic!!!! And I want to do MY bedroom like Martha Stewart too!! I don't care HOW much it costs!! Why doesn't my husband make more money to keep me living in the lap of luxury??!!!

    Plus, I find alot of the elders wives, along with the elders themselves, are a bunch of frigging drunks..........seriously.

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    That the hot ones always have clothes on and the ugly ones never have enough clothing on.

  • SYN

    LOL @ WildTurkey! HEHEHEHE!

    Elders' wives? They didn't piss me off too much when I was still Assimilated. In fact, I can't remember a singular nasty one. However, I wasn't exactly privy to everything that went on in my old Hall...

  • Dutchie

    Sabine, Oh My God. I can't believe you said that!

    I, too, was always lectured about being too thin and I usually wear my hair in a bun to this day because when I wore it down the elders used to say that I was doing it just to draw attention to myself, so I did things to make myself less conspicious. I even bought my dresses sizes too big to make sure that they did not cling anywhere.

  • dsgal

    The way they stick their noses in the air if your'e not an elder's wife or in their clique.

  • LyinEyes

    Hey, I was an elder's wife!!!!!!!!!!

    Since Wild Turkey was appointed young, I never felt like an elder's wife. We were the youngest in our congregation even, I mean adults .

    I never fit the elder's wife mold. I missed meetings, didnt do enough field service, and my kids were the worst.

    I was never accused of being an elderette, because I really was in the dark about everything, although I know some elder's wives knew more than they should have.

    So to me, being an elder's wife was as sucky as being an elder's daughter, always under the microscope. Boy , I am glad to be away from that.

  • plmkrzy

    Thats not always true

    Most elders wives are a bunch of lazy, gossipy, competitive women: Few of them have ever (or WILL ever) work outside the home

    In defense of my own mother There could be NOTHING FARTHER from the truth then this.

    She has worked hard her entire life doing everything for everyone else including caring for many people dieing of cancer nursing them when there own flesh and blood didn't want to help. and did this for MANY MANY years WITHOUT PAY the only reason was because she cared more for other peoplr then she did herself.

    I'm sorry you all have had such horrible elders wives expierences. Maybe it had something to do with WHO THEY WERE?

    There is another side to that coin. She was constantly critisized and ridiculed by many other in the cong. and put up with a lot unnessessary shit. I HATE that she IMHO WAISTED so much of her life taking care of everyone esles needs. Only because she can wait for her life to be better in the New system. She lived her ENTIRE life for OTHERs. Her whole life, all of it because of her faith. She is a damn fine person and I couldn't be prouder of her SORRY SHE just so happened to be one of those horrible elders wives. There are a LOT of things in life she could have been and she stuck her self with elders wife. GAWD! Not me fu** that I know better.

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  • Dutchie

    LyingEyes, great new picture!

  • minimus

    MOST wives I knew were actually very nice.SOME wives thought they were special. In defense of the elders' wives, they had to wait around for their husbands for what was supposed to be a 5 minute meeting.....only to be told 2 hrs. later that something unexpected came up.

  • WildHorses

    I can't say anything bad about the Elders wives in the first congragation I attended. The women who did my study was an Elders wife and she and I would often go out to luch together. I think she was lonely. One of her daughters was df'd and lived in another town so I became he substitute daughter I guess. Her name is Lena. She is the only one I miss in that religion.

    I hope she finds out the truth about the religion because she suffers depression and has fibromyalgia(sp). Last time I saw her she had stopped pioneering do to this illness.

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