Pedophilia and the WTS 's Irrational Arrogance

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    I am shocked and outraged by the recent actions of the Watchtower Society to silence child advocates who's only agenda is to stop the rape and molestation of Jehovah's Witness children and protect them from the known pedophiles operating within the organization.

    Those in the organization who are responsible for these reprehensible actions must be sanctioned. I sincerely hope that voting members of the Watchtower Society will insist on the removal of all corporate directors who support the current policies that harm children and protect pedophiles.

    I believe that the vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses are disgusted by this scandal and want something done. It is simply shameful and those who support it are repulsive and immoral.

    I have spoke with a number of inactive JWs who are so embarrassed that they have ceased to acknowledge ever having been affiliated with the WTS. My wife and I have pretty much reached that point as well. Even my elderly JW father is to the point where he will walk away if something is not done to stop these perverts from having what amounts to free reign in the organization.

    I have never considered myself an enemy of the WTS, simply someone who felt a consciousness desire to do what I could to make the organization a safer place. I am quickly reaching the point, however, where I just want to throw my hands up and tell everyone to flee for their lives and put two torpedoes in the side of the WTS ship and let her sink. I imagine others are beginning to feel the same way.

    There is a very clear message here to anyone in the Watchtower Society with a functioning brain: Change your policy on child abuse now! Turn suspected abusers over to the authorities or instruct those making accusations that the congregation supports their right to report to the police. Find some way to warn parents and children about known pedophiles. This is common sense and no twisted application of scripture alters that. Jesus would insist on taking every reasonable step to protect children and so should everyone in the WTS.

    The message to the Pedophile community has been loud and clear for some time: The WTS is a safe place! This problem will only get worse if something is not done and conscientious JWs will stream out of the WTS if the status quo remains. The issue is simple and straightforward - it's about the children and the WTS had better start protecting them and jettison the wicked men who protect the pedophiles.

    What seems to propel and sustain WTS leaders is their belief they are God's channel and thus whatever policy they come up with represents God's view on a matter. It is an irrational arrogance not supported by their published historical statements.

    WT leaders would benefit immensely, and so would the JW community, if they simply listened to the outcry from the JW children and then acted like good and decent human beings.

    Jehovah God is quite capable of protecting and sanctifying his own name should he choose to do so. The real question is, are WTS leaders capable of using a little common sense and protecting JW children?


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  • hawkaw

    Lee Elder has been one of the few to recognize the culpible homicide committed by a few men wrt the blood policy -

    Lee, Sam and others have tried to do something about it.

    Now - with this "perverts our us" scandal - even Lee can't take it anymore.

    That was a really outstanding post Lee and I hope the leadership read your post.


  • metatron

    Good to hear from you, Lee.

    I do think some people will shrink away from identifying themselves
    as Witnesses because of this ugly scandal. Anyone with any intelligence
    will feel ashamed to be associated with the Watchtower.

    That said, I don't know what else can be done here. They are evil
    and unrepentantly arrogant about it. Most Witnesses are ignorant
    fools and willingly so.


  • HoChiMin

    Lee Elder;

    Good points, the sad reality is the damage has been done. Those families that were df'd for protecting the children will not be exonerated by the WT even if the policy did a 180* flip. The arrogance will prevail among the WT elite, "running ahead of the organization" will still be an excuse and also "causing divisions" as reasons to boot someone, will not go away. I hope the WT "sinks" as you say and the good ones leave. The remaining members must notice an exodus from the ranks? Then again, demonizing the ones who leave with lies and slander is still a very effective means of control. The slow chipping away at the big arrogant block, (WT) is also very effective and makes many happy.


  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    I couldn't agree more!

    What is happening with decent members of Jehovah's Witnesses being expelled 1) for making public what pedophiles are doing in the darkness to our children and/or 2) publicizing the honest-to-God policy put in place by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (AKA: Watchtower Society, WTS, etc) is simply too horrible to fully contemplate!

    Either the Society is ashamed of its policy on dealing with pedophilia in their midst or else they don't want the sickening actions of pedophiles made known! Regardless, because either action is one of extreme and obscene immorality then actions orchestrated by the Society to disfellowship persons like Joe and Barbara Anderson are simply too outrageous. When good-hearted persons like them are no longer welcome in the company of Jehovah's Witnesses then people should beware of association with the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is just that simple. There is no greater confirmation that something is wrong in Watchtower Land than the ouster of the likes of Joe and Barbara Anderson.

    Underlings at Bethel should pay heed to these actions. They support a conclusion that the Watchtower organization is amoral. Rationalize if you will, Bethel underlings, but beware. Someone will pay. What goes around comes around. Individuals, communities and organizations will reap what they sow.

  • hawkaw


    Excellent post after excellent post. The heavy weights are on this thread and people should keep this thread on the front page of this db for a long time.

    Marvin - welcome back. I have missed you. Email me sometime - we must catch up.


  • metatron

    I certainly hope that this and the blood issue create
    a continuing moral hazard for Bethel/C.O. underlings. Keep up
    the pressure to remind them of what a sociopathic organization they
    work for. More and more exposure of how nothing matters to
    them except survival at any cost.

    I have to wonder if their seemingly unlimited privilege of lying
    to both congregations and the media will come back to haunt them.
    The Bethel culture is dying from lack of contributions. I guess they
    will replace it with the Paterson Country Club - and an ever deepening contempt for common decency.


  • Joyzabel

    <Standing and applauding both Lee Elder and Marvin Shilmer!>

    I could not agree with both of you more. I am truly shocked by the actions of the WTS for disfellowshipping people who stand up for the innocent children but still allow the pedophiles free reign in the congregations.

    Run, everyone run away who have children to protect. The WTS won't help you.


  • Pathofthorns

    "Irrational" is the perfect word to describe the actions of whoever is running this organization. Anyone that honestly loves this religion's doctrines and main teachings would do well to think about whether it is really necessary to be "loyal" to an increasingly corrupt organization to hold onto the teachings that they love. At some point you cannot deny that your beliefs and supporting corruption are in conflict with each other.

    Surely there must some among the increasingly mindless masses of JWs that can comprehend these things and surely there must be more men and women of principle that will stand up and be counted and do the right thing. The "waiting on Jehovah" to excuse inactivity has to stop and more elders need to start resigning for reasons of principle. People need to start pulling back and realize that by not saying anything and by quietly continuing to support this organization by continuing in their "spiritual routine" they support corruption.

    If you are an active JW and especially an elder you need to get off your butt and start thinking seriously about what you are supporting. It's time to bite the bullet and prove what sort of persons you are and accept whatever losses come your way for standing up for what is right.


  • sf

    "Lee Elder has been one of the few to recognize the culpible homicide committed by a few men wrt the blood..."

    Yes, and culpible is an understatment.

    {{Lee}} take a hot oil bath. Seriously, it helps 'release' a lot of "schtuff". Take good care.



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