Gunman Kidnaps 2 Teenage Girls in S. Calif.

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  • LDH

    Some unpopular thoughts.........

    1. The dude's name was ROY RATLIFF. I guess that blows a hole in Jason's theory about him being a hispanic male, huh?

    2. Thank you for sharing that, Bill. Unbelievable stuff.

    3. With the luck those girls are having this week, they need to go to Vegas and play Roulette.

    4. Both sets of parents suck shit, and while I wish no evil on those girls, if they had been harmed I would not have felt ONE DROP of pity run thru my veins for those parents.


    1. Their ages (16-18)

    2. School nite

    3. Lover's Lane

    4. 1:30 in the morning.

    Need I say more?

    And for those milk-toast boys they were with (and I'm sure they were giving out sex; why else would they be on lover's lane at that time of night ALONE in their boyfriend's car) they are PUNKS.

    I would rather have died a hero than let an armed gunman take someone I really cared about. Well then obviously they just wanted the girls for sex, and didn't care. They will go down in history as PUNKS.

    Note to self: make sure when daughter is sexually active she can tell the difference between a loser and someone who cares about her.


    Unpopular Thougts Class

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Oh, they're not so unpopular, Lisa.

    Their age, and time out, struck me as extremely irresponsible

    School night? Not sure about that. Kids here are out for the summer. Not sure if they have year round school in Lancaster, though.

    I saw a press conference with one of the Dads. He remarked that he was now going to somehow install a "lowjack" on this daughter so he would know where she is.

    One of the boys commented that he didn't even think the guy's gun had bullets in it. Yet, he still allowed himself to be tied up.

    In the picture on the news, the guy looks hispanic. But, so does my Dad. He gets comments all the time and he's FULL-BLOODED Irish.


  • Crazy151drinker

    I would kick the shit out the parents. 2:00am on a wedn night???? Where they passing out candy at the lovers point???? Astronomy perhaps??? If my 16 yr old daughter was out at 2:00am I sure as hell would know where she was. 'I need a lowjack' No Dipshit you need to be a parent! They are lucky their girls are alive. Next Im going to kick the shit out of the punk ass kids who didnt stand up for their ladies.


    hello guys QUEENIE here WE LIVE IN KERN COUNTY (bAKERSFIELD to be exact) soo -- skool is not in yet around here !!!! We live 1 block from So. High---to ME he could be from a white dad and mEX. mom..race does not matter A MFr IS A MFr NO getting around it...was sitting for 2-1/2 HOURS was loads of kids -- 5 yrs approx> Hard to find adequate baby sitters--but any way all I couLd see was little SAMANTHAs who was just a mere feet away from her back door with her friend playing CLUE --- THE FAULT IS In THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM is letting them MONSTERS out into society knowing full well WHAT THEY r to begin with..this is what I think is this --the BOYFRIENDS would have been next on his spree -- Kill the girls and then go back and finish the job by killing the boys and then be on his merry way (no one alive to identify the MFr) I could be wrong GUYs it could be at least a possibility THESE MRr will rape OLD LADIES IN WHEEL CHAIRS confined to old folks homes / already decd bodies and have you ever heard of beastiality ( IT IS IN THE GOOD BOOK ) I have...and LISA says should she ever need surgery of any kind I will be present at all times so I can keep an eye on things while she iS under and I do have a very sharp EYE indeed I guarantee it !!! QUEENIE AKA BADASSMUM---I am also a heathen apostate and not NICE to deal with guys !!!! PEACE ALL

  • LizardSnot

    Lets hear it for good marksmanship ;)


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    lizard -- amen --- LISA just said Lizards have snot?? -- YOUR nickname is making her laugh !! QUEENIE

  • Reborn2002

    I only commented that he was a hispanic male because that is what was reported on CNN Headline News as they covered the story live as it was breaking.

    With a name like Roy Ratliff, I am inclined to agree, it does not sound Hispanic.

    Alas, my name is Jason, and I am Italian and Puertorican. Name does NOT necessarily constitute ethnicity. My great-grandfather changed his last name when he immigrated to the United States.

    To make a blanket statement that someone is or is not of a specific ethnicity based solely upon their name is nonsense.

    Either way, Hispanic or not, Roy Ratliff is VERY dead, and was an asshole.

  • plmkrzy

    several years back I had a small business in Chino, there is a men prison there.

    Anyway many of the convicts are assigned job placement on there way out at various business that volunteer to be on this list of those who will hire excons.

    Anyway you do not always (at least not 1980) know what they served time for when they are sent to you. They don't just get out of prison and go knock on your door and say Im out here I am. They get assigned and it is done through their probation department. They decide what would be best suited for each circumstance.

    During this time a child molester was assigned to work in a daycare center upon his release and of course he sexually assulted a child and went back to prison.

    This case has always been engraved in my mind as an example of what our judicial system is capable of doing to us if we want to be blind folded about it.

    The parents had NO IDEA that the daycare center where they left thier child hired an ex convict that did time for molestation at Chino.

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  • Reborn2002

    plmkrzy said

    During this time a child molester was assigned to work in a daycare center upon his release and of course he sexually assaulted a child and went back to prison.

    What bureaucratic MORON assigned a CHILD MOLESTER to WORK at a DAYCARE CENTER?

    On a personal note, I would hold the government official responsible for his assignment to a daycare center liable, and subject to criminal prosecution.

    Edit to add: Simon, why half the time do I have difficulty posting? When I compose a post, half the time the board screws up.

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  • Reborn2002

    Just to get back to the topic of the thread, this news came up on Yahoo earlier today.

    Apparently these two girls are much braver than originally thought.

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