Gunman Kidnaps 2 Teenage Girls in S. Calif.

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  • Reborn2002
  • Reborn2002

    What is with the surge of kidnappings of young girls these days? Especially in California?

    There was the Samanta Runnion case.

    More recently there was the girl in Philadelphia who escaped her abductors by chewing through the duct tape.

    Now the media on NBC says that there is no increase in the number of kidnappings, just that these are receiving publicity.

    Yet and still.. I believe I have heard more about kidnappings of toddler and teenage girls over the last month or so then I have in the last few years combined.

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  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    What the heck is wrong with people??? I hope they escape like the girl from Philly.

  • plmkrzy

    It was the first thing I heard on the news this morning when I woke up.

    It's getting really insane

  • Francois

    On again, off again. First I was for the death penalty, now I'm against it because of all the innocents we discovered we had on death row via DNA. Now, I'm thinking anyone who is positively identified by that same DNA should get the needle.

    What is WRONG with people?

    This is exactly why it's everyone's business how the Witnesses handle child abuse of ANY kind. I'd be willing to bet that 99% of these sickos were abused as children and are just passing it on. But it's GOT TO STOP. Now would be a good time.

    I so wanted that Smart girl to be OK. I'm afraid she's gone. I already grieve for and with her father and mother for Elizabeth (isn't it?) Smart.


  • TheStar

    I just heard on CNN they were found alive and unharmed. Abductor was shot and killed by the police.

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  • TheStar

    Sorry don't know what happened with my post and it won't let me fix it.

  • Reborn2002

    I was relieved when I saw on CNN that the girls were found unharmed and returned to their families.

    Perhaps the use of the "Amber Alert System" will help law enforcement officials to swiftly inform the community and call people to action to catch the perpetrators before they can harm the victims as was in this instance.

    The suspect, a hispanic male, was shot and killed on the scene.

    I for one am happy the asshole is dead.

    One less piece of scum walking the streets capable of kidnapping children from their families and doing god knows what to them.

    A happy ending for a change.


    YES I just heard about it 12 PM PST they are safe and kidnapper fatally shot / queenie

  • plmkrzy

    I was watching the breaking news conference about it everyone was pretty excited to hear they were rescued and the dude was.....

    Then The VERY NEXT NEWS BULLITIN was a bronco or SUV was just hijacked in San Diego with a 2 month old infant.

    I haven't heard anything else about it yet.

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