My mommy doesn't want me. . I need a hug

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  • StinkyPantz

    I sent my mom a letter not too long ago telling her that I wanted my family back. Well, I got a very unexpected response. She basically said "no". I cried all night long and couldn't sleep. How could she just give me up like that? Does she love me at all?

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  • Imbue


    She is a religious fanatic so she doesn't understand your point of view.

  • willy_think


    I'm sorry SP, I know it sucks.

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  • plmkrzy

    I hope this works. Just in case I'll also mail it. Got this link from cassi.

    Visit the link and play with the windows. There so very cool.


    AHHHHHHH. it worked that time

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    This is strange it wont let me delete it

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    maybe if I make is smaller the sound will get smaller.

    Just kidding do'nt get too excited.

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  • JanH

    ((((( StinkyPantz ))))

    Sorry to hear about this.

    - Jan

  • edwinrios

    don't worry JehovahGod will always love you and take you in read psalms 27:10.

  • zanex

    I know the feeling..I wish I had the has taken me and MY parental units almost 10 years and just recently in the wake of my divorce have they shown ANY type of caring and compassion..I feel for is a hard path that children of jw have to trudge on...just member this...I have been holding onto this one for a very very long time and with the exception of just a FEW loose screws in my head it seems to have worked. whatever doesnt kill u makes u a stronger person...

    All that jws are taught about "family" is all based upon such strict conditional rules and regulations that are enforced thru gestapo tactics..its no wonder that those that come out are as deranged as we are...LOL. Power to ya sp...

  • Dutchie


    Don't give up hope. Mommy may come to her senses one day.

  • Gopher


    I asked my parents the very same thing in a letter. They came a long way to visit the state I live in, and proceeded to visit all their JW friends and their family, except for me and my sister and our kids! I guess they don't love their grandkids either???

    All I get is a stony cold silence. They don't know the meaning of love, it's been replaced by a Watchtower-ish "theocratic loyalty". Ick.

    Sorry to hear of your case, .... your misery is shared.


  • ashling

    There's no easy answer to this one. Perhaps your mother just can't face acknowledging that you've created a life for yourself apart from the JWs, and, secretly, envies you. You have made a life for yourself and sought a wealth of opportunities for supportive friendships outside of that suffocating and abusive organization. It is also possible that your mother views your pursuit of a sane life as abandonment of her. Please -- whatever you do -- don't let her current treatment of you erode your self-image, your courage, your dreams. In time she may come around. If not, you will have been true to yourself. Always remember: you did for yourself what many will never have the courage to do. And that, ultimately, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS -- NOT YOUR MOTHER'S. Sending a GREAT BIG HUG TO YOU!!!!

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