Age Sex Location Occupation Anyone?

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  • TheContagion


    Sex: As much as i can get away with

    Marital status: Single and unsure.

    Occupation: Interviewer at Statistics Canada

    Location:Vancouver BC Canada

    Hobbies: Reading about science and general systems, Memetic Engineering-(Hoping to one day make a living out of it), and Submission Wrestling

    Religious orientation:"Semantic-Panentheist" but i usually just say "Pantheist"

    Heroes: Stephen Hawking, Alfred Korzybski, Gregory Bateson, Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, L.Ron Hubbard, Richard Bandler, Eric Berne, Noam Chomsky, Joseph Smith, Bah'u'llh, Kalle Lasn, Alan F, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Niccolo Machiavelli, George Polya, Sun Zi, Douglas Rushkoff, Naomi Klein, Milton Erickson, Burrhus Skinner, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, John Nash, Bill Gates, Hod Lipson among others.

  • Beck_Melbourne


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  • hippikon

    Early 20's, Yes please, On the Washing Machine, Occupation optional - Prefer Nurse or Uniform of some kind

  • ApagaLaLuz



    So.Cal, Inland Empire

    Online tech-support, sales, and distribution for an Engineering company

    single, loving all the beautiful "worldly" boys and girls

    no kids, no pets, no plants, but a pretty cool truck, if that counts for anything

  • teenyuck

    • Age: I wish I were younger
    • Sex: Not enough
    • Location: Central Ohio (Columbus)
    • Occupation: Paralegal (attorney wannabe)
    • Married
    • Pets: 2 cats; Kitty and FatCat
  • Sunspot

    Age: 61 yesterday!

    Sex: Female

    Location: upstate NY by Lake Ontario

    Occupation: At home, but involved in child advocacy, mostly for Special Education rights and services; have always been one who wrote "letters to the editor" LONG before I became a JW (30 years of loyalty), so I do even MORE of that now, to expose the Watchtower Society, LOL!

    Married almost 35 years to non-JW, he "studied" but backed out the day he was supposed (literally at the door of the Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburg in 1973)to get baptized cuz it "really wasn't for him".

    Five grown and "away"kids, and now raising an Autistic grandson (13).


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  • NeonMadman

    50, male, Northern New Jersey, sales, married to the most wonderful woman in the world, one daughter (from a previous (JW) marriage), she's 23 and married.

  • Phil

    Age: 70 male

    Married and retired here in Palm Desert, California

    No cats no dogs no fish. Just me and my

    Looks like I'm the oldie of the lot.

  • cowhand

    Age 66 Male Scottish but living in England Semi retired van driver 6 adult offspring Married(so-so)

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