2015 Convention

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  • stuckinarut2

    By the way, I do appreciate the work you guys have put in to produce this.

    Sorry if it came across that I was against it.

    I just was trying to understand things better by asking that question.

  • wifibandit
    No worries! Understanding the motivation adds context. The beautiful thing about open dialog is you are allowed to ask questions. If only Watchtower allowed such transparency.
  • prologos
    thank you wifibandit. saw the unhurried pioneer shuffle featured at 6:13 on Friday's morning music which sounds better on my desktop then in the venue.
  • Watchtower-Free

    In the concluding Sunday talk tight Pants Tony reveals there were only 5 baptized at this

    assembly of Elites. How F##$in encouraging

  • dozy

    Thanks for putting up the links.

    A few observations - the program seems really scripted and dry. Almost all of the talks seem to be manuscripts other than the GB ones who seem to have given themselves license to pretty much say what they like ( in a kind of fake folksy manner that they clearly think goes down well. ) Apparently you would need to have been in " a coma " if you didn't realise from world events that the end was imminent.

    There is a huge focus ( as ever ) on "theocratic routine" , pioneering etc.Some of the demos are so painfully staged as to be really corny.

    There's a really bizarre interview with one sister who related how Jehovah had helped her with her health issues. This seemed to involve him identifying a female surgeon in another state who then turned out to use what she called "uncanny powers" in her healing methods so she eventually found another.

    The announcement for each speaker as to how many years they have served in full time service is a weird one , especially as there is an item in the program specifically on boasting about ones theocratic activities. I'm sure this must be an American thing - it just wouldn't work well in Europe. ( I remember a few years ago at a district assembly a pioneer sister being interviewed and her saying that she had been pioneering for 18 years and the family sitting behind me ( clearly in the same congregation as the pioneer) piped up that "yeah but she's only got her time in for 3 of those years" to much amusement ).

  • wifibandit

    Download Via Google Drive for all those who want to save it to a flash drive or re-mix.

    Please add notes in the comments as you watch on YouTube. You can add a link to the relevant time by typing in hh:mm:ss format. See the Friday morning description for examples.

  • prologos
    Anybody notice Tony's bible is brown leather bound? covering the "silver sword" hiding the corporate colours? sure PR stage can hand him a spanking new exemplary bible for the take?
  • lriddle80
    So, were they giving much credit to Jesus or downplaying his role compared to Jehovah? I am not sure I want to watch it...
  • wifibandit

    These files can now be downloaded via MEGA.

    The convention in Spanish (@ Stanley) has not yet been released, but rest assured that once it is, it will be here.



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