June 2015 Watchtower equating Apostates with The Antichrist!

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  • nicolaou

    Shit! It finally happened.

    Years ago I speculated on this happening but can't find the posts. Anyway, this is a tactically aggressive move by WT. Ramping up the loathing and fear of any who question their doctrines.

    As if being labeled 'apostate' wasn't bad enough imagine now that your family are being told you are a part of THE ANTICHRIST!

    No need for WT to refute or address any concerns from you; the mindset of indoctrinated JW's will be fortified yet again to resist any curiosity or desire to ask questions or communicate with you.

    Check out the June 2015 Watchtower and this link;

    Who is the Antichrist According to the Bible?

    Our move I think . . .

  • JeffT
    Most of that article, including all the scripture references sound to me like a good description of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
  • jwfacts
    The article spreads the net very wide. They still label most Christian religions as part of the Antichrist for teaching the trinity, but do also include the word apostates, as noted by OP.
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    If I had read this article about a year ago, I would have just accepted it as written and not thought about it as any drone does. But now as a proud apostate it is so blatantly obvious that they are describing themselves as JeffT rightly says. Its also full of lies, half truths and hypocrisy, I am truly thankful to this forum and the views of others that help me to regain my critical thinking ability.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Two points; in the absence of a hell fire doctrine, they have to rage about something to condemn the apostates and “antichrist” sounds like strong put-down.

    Note how the writer John used it, to exclude those who did not believe in his particular Christ cult ...the one which said the Christ had come in the flesh. In other words there were those back in his day who knew the variants of the Christ story including the one which said it was just that; a story. By labelling them antichrists it would clarify the partisan divide and bolster the pride of John’s party of believers.

    So, to the Watchtower: we don’t want to join your silly social club anyway!

  • Phizzy

    They "demonized" the word Apostate, and seem to be about to do the same with "Antichrist".

    Of course, many of us who have left do fit John's description i.e denying that Christ came in the flesh, and denying the Father and the Son. This was probably more in response to the Gnostic ideas which were giving his lot trouble than in response to people like us, however :

    I do not believe the Jesus figure, if he existed at all, was the Christ, I do not believe that a Supreme Being (God) exists. There is simply no satisfactory evidence.

    So, Phizzy is The Antichrist ! and, for good measure, a Proud Apostate too !

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher


    The Org is ANTI-CHRIST by perverting -

    a) his New Covenant: it applies only to an elite few?? (for all mankind - covenant = forgiveness - Matthew 26:28)

    b) his sacrificial death: a person's own death wipes out their sins?? (Romans 6:7 is figurative, Brooklyn!)

  • Doltologist

    Don't ya just love christards?

    First they say that both god and they love you.

    THEN, when you tell them that you don't believe what they believe, they call you the antichrist.

    What does that tell ya?

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    I'm not sure I see this including people like us. The article specifically says that an antichrist must claim to represent Jesus or deny that he actually lived.

    i do neither of these things. I have no proof he didn't live and i never claim to speak on his behalf.

    Maybe people who are still 'in' will see it differently, but I think this is just talking about other religions and people who have left to join them.

  • smiddy

    The deception lies with the Governing Body /Writing Department of Jehovah Witnesses regarding the name of God.

    It was a 13th century Catholic monk who first coined the name Jehovah for the Almighty God.and since then many Christian writings over the centuries have used that name for God.

    Certainly not keeping people in ignorance of that name.as claimed by J.W.`s

    Modern day Bible translators , and their are many , have used Jehovah in their translations throughout the Old Testament.Go to any library and seek out the different translations for yourself.

    Many have used the more correct pronunciation Yahweh for the four Hebrew consonants representing Gods name .Something Jehovah Witnesses have still failed to rectify to this day, claiming the exact pronunciation of his name is not important ,funny , coming from an organization that claims to be the only one to Sanctify his name.


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