What's the Worst Gossip You Heard About Why You were DF'ed, Faded or Left and Never Came Back? They say "I am gay!"

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  • joe134cd
    I'm guessing the rumour running around about me was that I left because of a love of money and a lack of friendship. While I suppose there is some truth in this. They over looked the fact that after 18 months of researching the Org on the internet, the stress just got to much and decided that I could no longer support this organisation while knowing TTATT.
  • hoser

    They could never entertain the thought that someone would leave because they found out it is not true. They have to make up stories to keep their fairy tale religion alive.

    I heard a good one last week. An elder asked me if my wife and I were separated because he never sees us together.

  • talesin

    Don't know what the gossip was when I was DFd, but I did hear about a month ago, that I cheated on my ex-husband back in my late 20s. NOT ...... but I guess that's been the 'scoop' for the last 25 years. I probably caused my own cancer, too. Jerks.

    : )

  • LisaRose

    I am sure that my former in laws spread it about that I left my husband and ran away to Colorado to live in sin with a guy I knew in high school. Actually all that was true, so I don't know how they could make it sound much worse, lol. I figured I was going to shunned for getting remarried without a "scriptural divorce", why bother pretending we weren't living together.

    It was hilarious, my JW mom called me and my sixteen year old step son answered and said I wasn't there, and he said that he wasn't my then boyfriend. My mother was all shook up because my step son has a very deep voice, I guess she thought I was having a three some? I had to explain the more pedestrian truth, that I was shacking up, but with only one guy. Why does everyone want to believe the worst? We have been happily married for fifteen years next July, which I am sure has shocked everyone in a different way.

  • Bonsai
    Rumor has it I'm having a mid-life crisis, which is the reason for my apostafication. I can't deny that it isn't true. Nothing prepared me to grow up and grow old in this system of things.
  • JWdaughter
    I was in high school. Two years after I was DAd, I was on homecoming float with the little girl I babysat, who was 2. I was on the committee and had agreed to babysit since her folks were desperate. Soon afterwards, I found that I left so I could live a disoloute lifestyle. . .and had a little girl. I was a virgin when the rumor started. My mom heard it at the hall. I think it softened her towards me since she knew it was false. They were pretty ugly about it. Years later a JW saw me with my son and made comments about his big sister. He might still wonder about that!
  • Vidiot


    I moved as part of my fade.

    I ain't heard shit.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    During the Bethel purges in 1980 the rumor was that the disfellowshipped ones were gay. Of course, the real reason was apostasy.

    As for me the rumor was that I was df'd for reading apostate literature. Actually I didn't read such literature until after I was dif'd.

  • Crazyguy
    My wife was calling me an apostate while talking to an elder about what my daughter was going to say during her up coming on stage interview about getting baptised. This was early in my waking up process. They the elders were already spreading rumors while I was still supposedly talking to them in private about a teaching issue. I'm sure they have talked to my family about not talking to me about spiritual things and the rest of the hall must be thinking I'm possessed by demons. I've come to realize it's a defence mechanism, thier delusional and if some one rattles thier delusion then they go into defense mode and kill the person that was a threat even though that death maybe only character assassination.
  • fiddler

    I suppose there was enough circumstantial evidence to suggest the possibility that I was a witch, that I was a stoner, that I was lesbian...none of it true. I have no idea what has been said about me but from the absolute terror some seem to have of meeting me eye to eye (seriously, one sister did the most ridiculous dance of darting into recesses of businesses to avoid me it was comical) it's just wierd. They call US mentally off!

    No, I am a 57 year old woman who has a dog for company and teaches music for a living then comes home to a quiet evening of TV or a book to read and of course, a little time spent here!

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