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  • steve2

    What is a doltologist?

    The nearest I can get is a "deltiologist" - a pre-World War 1 word to describe a person whose hobby is collecting postcards.

    Any help with defining doltologist would be appreciated. The OP gives a few clues, but I'd be out on a limb if I ventured them.

  • Slave4_38y

    Thank you Smiddy!!!

    I'm a newbie but feel like a veteran - having doubts from my pre-teen years.

  • Doltologist

    Hi guys

    Thanks for your comments. I've never felt at home quite so quickly as I have on this 'ere forum.

    I'm from the UK but have lived in many places throughout the world.

    Steve2 asked what a Doltologist is. Well, a Dolt is a fool or a simpleton and a Doltologist is someone who studies them. So, basically, I study anyone who has a religion. Why? Well, I'm a member of Skeptics in the Pub. (no, we really do exist). We look at anything that takes our interest that relies on dogma, BS etc,. that either has no proof or proof that stands up in a court of law. My two main areas of interest are religion and so-called psychics. I just love arguing with religtards which I use as chew sticks. I find it fascinating just how much shit religtards can swallow. Does religin affect the gag reflex, one wonders? My area of special scientific interest is katlickers. I fail to see how a church where paedophilia is almost compulsory is so popular?

    If anyone can direct me to a hard-core Jovie site, then I'm up for it. That said, I've been disappointed with the Jovies that I've met so far because they just ain't got the knowledge in depth and width that I expected them to have.

    I'd expect a hard-core Jovie to be familiar with Hitchens, Dawkins, Krauss, CERN, MIT, M-theory and Carrier at least because those are the areas where they are vulnerable and likely to get hit really hard. But, no.

    What surprises me is that science is closing in on riligin, and christardry in particular, at a rate of knots. The game may not be up - but the battle lines have been drawn and people are beginning to dig in, and lock and load. The next few years are gonna see more changes in riligin than have taken place in its entire history.

    I'll give ya an example. It seems to me that Carrier, especially, puts forward a very strong case that jesus never existed and was actually a mythical figure that existed long before jesus of nazareth and dwelt in the heavens and had fights about good and evil with the devil in outer space just below the moon. For those not familiar with his work, I suggest you kop a look on Youtube and maybe read some of his books.

  • punkofnice

    Hi de hi Dolto.

    I am in the UK too.

    I think your experience with forums doesn't sum up types of religions so much as types of people.

    There really is good and bad in all walks of life. We can't tar everyone with the same brush...although that would be easy and convenient.

    I say, just take individuals as you find them.....then kick them back there.

  • JWdaughter

    JWTalk seems to be the JW website to go to if you want to see how active JWs respond to your commentary.

    I think skeptics in the pub sounds fun-so long as there is an actual pub involved. I don't drink, and I am a believer in God, but I enjoy a lively discourse among thinking people:) Have fun!

  • cantleave

    Welcome to the forum. Another UK member here. I think we share many views!

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Doltologist - welcome to the site, I reckon you're gonna be a hoot to have around!

    I'm in the UK too, is skeptics in the pub just a brummie thing? I think I heard one of you guys on cognitive dissonance podcast a while back..

    Jw talk is THE pro jw forum, but you won't stand a chance on there, it's so heavily moderated you'll be kicked off before you can say evolu......

    They don't tolerate any questions or debates, it's just an "aren't we so good" fest over there. And I can fairly guarantee you that less than one percent of all witnesses will even know who Dawkins is never mind having read any of his writings. It's not allowed, if any of us (yes, I'm to all intents and porpoises an active, but non believing jw) got caught reading such material there'd be an inquisition. And nobody expects that!

    Stick around bro, you'll no doubt get some discussions here anyway..

  • Doltologist

    JWDaughter - yes, there's an actual pub involved - to create the right relaxed atmosphere and I don't drink either.

    Those who suggested JWTalk, thanks. I'll pay them a visit and get back to you with a report - in triplicate if necessary (Old skool, I know but there ya go).

  • steve2

    Doltologist - you da man. I like your approach to religiosity - but have to say, Christianity is a soft target.

    For obvious reasons, though, you'd have to be super-careful round Islam where criticism does not put justice in "God's" hands, but men's. Their ain't nothing like the prospect of the scream of violent death to squelch skeptical inquiry.

  • Doltologist


    You are quite correct - got to be a bit careful where Islam is concerned. However, they don't come knocking on my door, disturbing my peace, getting in my face and upsetting my digestive juices at the most inconvenient time possible trying to get me to convert from atheism to gross stupidity and ignorance.

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