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  • Doltologist

    I have posted questions on christian web sites. Those questions have always been polite and I have never used questionable language. The questions weren't exactly in support of christians though.

    What did I get for my efforts?

    A lifetime ban on every christian website from here to hall and back - except for this one.

    I may not agree with Jovies and I may not like them but, at least, they believe in freedom of speech - which the other christian mobs apparently don't.

    Thanks Jovies.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I may not agree with Jovies and I may not like them but, at least, they believe in freedom of speech

    I'm afraid you're in for a rude awakening.

    "Jovies" have a policy in their religion where the ban all freedom of speech for anyone who dissents from their doctrine. Many members here are banned from speaking to even the family members -- parents, children, grandchildren, etc -- because they tried to dispute doctrine with the "Jovies".

    BTW -- this is a website that is considered "off limits" to active "Jovies".

    Good luck with attempting to awaken any of them.


  • FayeDunaway


    Um, no. Much much less than other Christians, actually. Go try to even register on an active witness site. if successful, see how long you last.

    They call this site here 'apostate' and call us all sorts of hateful names, wouldn't say hi to us on the street.

  • iwasblind

    I think you are mistaken my friend.

    I said to a family member that I did not like that stupid cart song and got accused of apostasy.

    I mention that we should be building homes for the poor instead of luxurious Kingdom Halls and get called "Korah"

    Just try asking a question that they can't answer and you will get the "don't run ahead of Jehovah"

    No Freedom to think or worship - BUT that is just my opinion of course.

  • kairos

    We're mostly ex-Jovies here.

    Super pissed at the Watchtower, too.

    Have a stay with us.

  • Doltologist

    Well, guys, thanks for your comments and thanks for correcting me and thanks for making me look like a complete twat.

    At least I now understand why I wasn't banned within 30 micro seconds of my first posting.

  • smiddy


    Welcome to the board , hey stick around , your free to say whatever you want here unlike those other sites you tried , so what does that tell

    Don`t feel so bad , most of us here think we were once twat`s for either joining JW`s or staying so long with the religion .


  • Slave4_38y
    I do not believe in telekinesis, but before my eyes, my mouse moved to the "Like" icon on your post and it got clicked. Welcome Doltologist. Feel free to debate, scoff, entertain, ridicule, question . . .
  • JWdaughter

    I'm feeling kind of mortified that any of what we say sounds JW ish! Some here could refer you to an actual pro JW site and you can see how it goes, pasting the same stuff as you have here, and tell us how it goes.

    Welcome! I've never heard movies before. Which continent do you hail from?

  • smiddy


    And welcome to you too buddy ,if I haven`t welcomed you already .Good suggestions you make for newbies to interact on this board.


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