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  • steve2

    No, they don't come knocking of your door - and that is one less fault, I guess. Although some of them have some creative ways of disturbing the peace. If your sole criteria for eviscerating a religious system is its door-knocking penchant, fine - yet, even here, the JWs use of this method has decreased in recent decades, but it looks like you're just getting started. There is no shame in taking glee at hitting soft targets, by the way. It's a humbling endeavor from that perspective. Best!

  • kairos

    I suspect IF a free civilization is to survive, there will be at least one more big war.

    WWIII, if you will. It will be against Islam.

    If Islam "wins", is that paradise?

    JWs don't mean dungy idols in the big scheme. Nobody even mentions or thinks about them in the "real world".

  • Vidiot

    One of my little "wake-up" moments was reading somewhere that while JWs fought for freedom of speech in the courts, they didn't practice it internally...


    ...and I found myself unable to disagree.

  • Doltologist


    I suspect that you are right.

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