Damned if they do, Damned if they don't

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    To the people with this attitude: What exactly is it that you WANT the Society to do?

    For starters, they should instruct the elders that if they become aware of an accusation of child molestation they should call the police ASAP.

    Is that so difficult? Is the protection of children such low priority?

    Even after all these years, numerous lawsuits, and millions of dollars in settlements, Watchtower Corporation still instructs elders to call the legal department at the branch for direction FIRST. Then the legal department will tell them what to do. With their current policies, Watchtower will continue to be a safe haven for child molesters.

    And that's just for starters.

  • SimonSays

    Jesus was a carpenter. Paul was a tent maker. Peter was a fisherman. Luke was a physician. What work do the GB do to sustain themselves? I know, they go on broadcasts asking for your hard earned money and for your kid's ice cream money. SMH

    The org is judging and condemning everything and everyone outside itself, so yea, the hammer will come down pretty hard on them. Is that really so odd?

    · each harmful unrealistic doomsday doctrine

    · rob followers of their time and money

    · lead to death refusing blood transfusions

    · are against higher education and encourage ignorance through restricted research

    1 The Society's biggest problem is its lack of genuine humility - the very arrogant, grandiose claims it makes about itself without tangible supporting evidence and despite a litany of evidence

    I think the site is very tolerant to stupidity and ignorance.

    Unlike the Catholics, they have never come out and formally apologized for the falsehoods and wrongdoings of those who went before them or for the ones they taught or committed themselves.

  • steve2

    I agree with Fusion Theism:

    You guys should acknowledge the huge positivity of the GB's stunning new light on types and antitypes. This is a huge - I repeat HUGE - step forward.

    It has the potential to bring fresh, new gasps of air into the organization.

    It will lead to significant proportions of brothers and sisters feeling more supported in stopping their psychotropic medication and untold hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters will step out in to field service with lighter, more optimistic hearts, joyful they are no longer burdened by type/antitype debates. The truth truly has set them free!!!

    Bravo to the GB for focusing on what truly matters: Out with the type/antitype discussions. Yes, out with it for good.

    Fusion Theism is absolutely right about some on this forum who damn the GB if they do, and damn them when they don't.

    The GB would never ever treat those that leave that way.

    Shame on the level of negative thinking evident on this forum. I hope you guys are chastened as I am.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    So SimonSays, why are you making your statements inside of those boxes? Are you trying to prevent us from cut and pasting them?

  • Bonsai

    SimonSays, I love it when you post. I'm glad there are people like you in the world. Sometimes I lament that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Sometimes I wish I had a higher I.Q.. Sometimes I wish I could write more eloquently and express my thoughts more clearly. But then people like you post for all to see, and I feel so much better about myself.

    What the frick does what Catholics do or don't do have anything to do with this thread? Very few of us are Catholics. I don't care what Catholics do. I care about what our grandoise magnificent seven claim to do. I also care about them righting the wrongs because my family and loved ones are involved.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Bonsai, "What the frick does what Catholics do or don't do have anything to do with this thread?"

    It's his way of detracting from the subject. As if to say that the crimes the Watchtower commits are unimportant because some else is equally guilty.

    If anything, Mr. SimonSays, such arguments make it clear that the JWs are on the same level as the Catholic Church. Besides, there are many on this forum who do condemn the Catholic Church.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    The WTS has not always been a top-down theocracy. It was a democracy for a long time.


  • jwfacts
    jwfacts, Do you apply the same reasoning and logic to the government or to your friends or relatives?

    Yes I do apply that same reasoning. My friends are those that I enjoy being with. I don't try to change toxic people, I just do not allow them in my life.

    With government, I do what I can to have my say in the voting and judicial process. Australia has one of the world's best political systems, so unlike Watchtower, it can be tweaked for the better, rather than needs to be abandoned. My Grandfather was living in the 1950's in a Communist European country. He was so against it, that he left with nothing but his family, and resettled in Australia. So yes, what I said holds true for corrupt governments as well.

    How is that any different from the way the Society has viewed apostates in the past, a viewpoint which most on here usually condemn?

    That is a poor comparison. Watchtower unfairly attacks apostates as corrupt individuals. My comments do not attack individuals within the religion. I am attacking a corrupt belief system. That is a big difference.

    I struggle to understand what you are trying to achieve and your motives. You have a range of threads suggesting how to fix Watchtower doctrine and practices. You are basically suggesting a new religion. Do you have aspirations to be a religious leader yourself? What you are doing is how new religions start. That is why there are over 35,000 religions. Individuals such as yourself take minor offence with the religion they belong to, slightly adjust the beliefs to their own liking, and before you know they are an apostate, and out creating a totally new belief system.

  • SimonSays
  • Alive!

    Pete Zahut - well, well said.

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