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  • hoser

    the area I am at the # of witnesses appears to be shrinking.

  • OneEyedJoe

    the area I am at the # of witnesses appears to be shrinking.

    Same here.

    When I was a kid (lived in the same area) there would be a congregation splitting every couple years, and constant complaints about how full the KHs where (in some cases there would be 7 congregations to a double auditorium KH while they waited for a new one to be built). There was apparently huge growth in the area all through the 90s and early 2000s. A lot of the growth was just due to the growth of the city in general, but there where probably 3-6 baptized in my congregation at every convention and 1-2 for every assembly. Now, I can't remember the last time we've had a congregation split. The KH that used to never have less than 6 congregations in it now has 4. There hasn't been anyone baptized in our congregation in years, and the last assembly with over 1000 in attendence saw 3 born-ins baptized.

    They may be growing, but it's not here, and if they're growing in any developed coutries, it's not by more than 1% annually and poised to start declining.

  • jamesmahon

    Sad that 19 million people couldn't find anything better to do then sit in a room with no windows getting excited about cheap wine and dry bread being passed which they cannot even try. Still, keeps them off the streets I suppose.

  • jwfacts

    Pretty standard growth. Not as impressive as I expected given the huge push of 100 years of Jesus. Baptisms were the same as most years despite all the activity, so the additional growth was inactive JWs getting all enthused again. That won't last long.

    300k views with only 9000 signing up for studies shows it was mostly JWs just checking out the page.

  • Simon

    All that effort ... and yet if you asked anyone in the street I bet they could not name any major JW-specific beliefs other than the "negative" beliefs (don't celebrate birthdays or xmas or allow blood transfusions to save children).

    Quite an amazing achievement to have so many people spend so much time informing so few of so little !


    On Oct. 22, eight brothers were released from prison in Turkmenistan by presidential amnesty. (See 2014 Yearbook, p. 31) The ninth brother is still imprisoned, but it is hoped that he will be released shortly. Some were already in prison for three or more years and had been severely mistreated. Further details will be posted on We rejoice with them and the evidence this gives that Jehovah looks down and hears the sighing of the prisoner as mentioned in Psalm 102:19, 20.

    You "reJoice"??!!..Never use a Joice more than once,it`s not safe..

    If they were in Prison 3 years,Jehovah didn`t give a sh*t..LOL!!..

    What stupid thing did they do for the WBT$,to get tossed in jail?!..

    They should be thanking the President of that country,he`s the one that got them out..



  • andrewmartyn

    I think the numbers may be bullshit, since I lied on many of my reports I'm sure many others are also.

  • skin

    Welcome Andrew,

    There are lots of ways to count time without having to talk too to many people when recording time, Not technically lying, just making the most of the time in the field. Walking very slowly, coffee shop, RV on the other side of town that you know most likily wont be home, etc.

  • Comatose

    As a teen my friends and I had awesome "calls". I had one on one side of the county and then others an hour away on the opposite side. Had to drive through a few creeks and dirt roads to get there. Good old Mr. Harris was always there for a visit and chat about his farm. We would sometimes strip down and swim in the creek or take the car mudding on old logging trails. I had to quit pioneering when I needed a full time job.

    Counting time... A unique specialty of the JW.

  • Legacy


    Everyone has a cell phone...more than half the world...even in poor countries, they have you really know what that means...

    "NOBODY IS HOME".... so that's why the & other ways the society is trying to reach the public. I go out almost every Saturday & sometimes Sunday...We knock on the same doors, not every week because we give them a break & go to another territory, but they know us there too. While we are doing door to door & street work, what do we see, folks walking about, even though it's the weekend or the weather isn't so good, they are out & about...doing whatm? TALKING ON THEIR CELLPHONES...& guess what, if someone is knocking on a witnesses door, guess what, we aren't home either...

    Once at the hall, they asked how many in the congregation come to the hall via by a knock on the door...crickets....aka: no one.

    If you have ever been in service, the witnesses don't care how many hours it takes to get one them it's at least one that they think will be saved. They don't look at the #'s the way most folks look at numbers...2 million hours for one convert....IT'S THAT WONDERFUL...that's the average thought of a witness...It's all about the hours...if it wasn't why do they have to remind the congregation at the end of the month to turn in your time...if it wasn't about the time, they would turn in whatever hours they had whether it was 1 hr. or more....You know why? Because it is about the hours, they don't want to be approached to have a brother say, ah, sister or brother so & so, you only have x amount of hours this month is everything ok ? Yet, they always refer to the widow who only had 2 pennies to give & she gave her best...When I went to church we called that the Widows Mite...Your spirituality is judged by your hours...I was asked why don't I auxilary pioneer...shucks, it's hard enough to make 8 hrs a month..I'm not about to add more pressure to myself & add 30 hrs. to stress myself out...& you know what I don't feel guilty at all, I do the best I can....I'm only human & have nothing to prove..


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