Young Girl Exposes Jehovah's Witnesses at school video goes VIRAL last 2 days 273,000 views

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It's adverse publicity such as this which is forcing the Org's hand IMO!

    They've felt the "earthquake" of the internet over the past few years - now they fear the "tsunami".

  • Crazyguy
    All I have to say is SWEET!!!!!!
  • stuckinarut2

    I really hope she has a STRONG support network!

    She is a wonderfully brave girl who will need support during this time. She is in for a rocky ride from the "loving shepherds".....

    Imagine being labeled as an Apostate while still a teenager!? It's hard enough for us as adults!

    Do we know if she is a member of our forum?

  • Finkelstein

    Well the video and the girl speaking says much about the way the WTS. treats sexual abuse or rape victims and in how the WTS. looks upon rape situations.

    They inevitably try to infuse the notion that the girl was most likely provoking the attack, making them partially guilty or responsible. you know all woman are inherently harlots .

    Some of these problems comes from the fact that elders are not trained on how to deal with rape, they usually are poorly educated idiots who been chosen because they appear to be able to tow the party line and obey all directions from he top dogs of the WTS.

    The structured power players of this organization try to create an outside image of purity and righteousnesses around the organization, which essentially also creates the power of which they retain around themselves, from the top GB members down to the Elders of each congregation.

    Sorry this girl looks like she has gone through some personal trauma being involved in this horrendously corrupt organization .

    Thats cults folks they were built up by men for men and that makes them dangerous to be involved with them.
  • truthseekeriam

    I'm amazed by the strength of the younger generation of ex JW's!

    A couple of years ago my daughter stood up in front of her class and did a poetry slam about what she went through with the elders after she was molested. It was much shorter with less details but it was very brave of her.

    I truly think these young ones are going to reach so many with their voice.

    "Always Speak The Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes."

  • Witness My Fury
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Bravo! She may be a young teen, but still....Out of the mouth of babes!

  • rebelfighter
    Finkelstein, on another thread I mentioned that I am a Certified Adult Volunteer for a youth organization all of our men and women must attend a 6 hour training session to be able to IDENTIFY notice that word it does not say investigate emotional, physical or sexual abuse. If one of the girls approach one of the men and reports physical or sexual abuse they are instructed to immediately find a female CAV turn the young lady over to her and disappear. Once the young lady is calmed down we immediately call 911, no questions asked all incidents are reported to authorities for them to investigate. Our parents know this is our policy, they sign a letter of acknowledgement when their daughters join.
  • TheListener
    Someone who is good with words needs to reply to that poster that says she is lying about stuff. She is brave and should be applauded. We need to defend her on the article discussion; that will also tell the newspaper that this is a topic that deserves more investigation.
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Very powerful! Very!!!

    I applaud this brave young woman! She's going to be okay. The days of her being manipulated are over. Good for her!

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