Teddy Hero Worship Continues -- Sept 15 Study Edition Bio on Melita Jaracz

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  • WingCommander
    @ Steve2: Apparently my sarcasm escapes you? lol
  • steve2

    Oh Wing Commander - 'tis the other way round: Mine escaped you!

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    From what I gather her parents were the typical persons to be approached by this cult. Having just lost a child, being disappointed in religion, then they were approached by a witness with all the Answers and a hope to see their child again. If her brother had not died, she would never have been a witness.

    Further, I think her and Teddy likely had little sexual activity going on in the bedroom. Instead of going down on her, Teddy went down on his knees to pray - first he prayed for them both, then they prayed separately, then Teddy would pray again himself on his knees. I cannot imagine after that whole process, that one is in the mood.

    I am sure that she misses being married to a GB member, she went from being a celebrity to just another older female at Bethel. Amazed they even devoted this article to her.

  • steve2

    The article is kind of odd - it tells the reader next to nothing about the woman's own relationship with her God, Jehovah, and her Savior, Christ and about what the "truth" means to her.

    Nice to see the 1950s photo of her posing with the awards she got for her skills at hair styling.

    She typifies many JW wives: Not much going on spiritually but able to maintain a facade of obedient, compliant duty to the organization.

  • flipper

    The quote : " Nice to see the 1950's photo of her posing with the awards she got for her skills at hair styling ".

    With that thought in mind this next experience of mine is true : I was 10 years old and Jaracz and his wife Melita would stay at my mom and dad's house as my dad was the coordinator for the District Conventions and Circuit assemblies at the time, plus City Overseer. Every time they visited ( which was several times ) Melita always wanted to wash my hair even though I'm this 10 yr.old boy who didn't WANT his hair washed !

    I would go talk to my mom privately and say " MOM ! I do NOT want this lady washing my hair as she scrubs my head so hard she takes my scalp off ! " My mom would just say, " Oh don't worry little Flipper she's just doing an act of love for you ! She's a hairdresser don't you know by trade ? She does it for a living . " I felt like telling my mom, " Look - If she's a damn hairdessser then I'm a Ninja soldier, and if she rubs my scalp any HARDER , I'm gonna go Ninja soldier on HER ! "

    Seriously, it really DID hurt, I thought I'd have permanent scalp burn after this lady washed my head before cutting my hair. Fortunately, my hair grew out and I survived the experience. I can only imagine that being married to Ted Jaracz kind of made her take out her aggressions in bizarre ways. Who knows ? All she was - was another mind controlled cult member who was frustrated- nothing more, nothing less - even IF she considered herself something special being hitched to a GB member. Another cult weirdo is all I could see. One who gave me " scalp burn "

  • steve2

    Flipper, I felt for your dilemma! She was a woman on a mission and you had hair. I wonder, is inflicting scalp burn on an innocent child a disfellowshippable offense? Is refusing to have your hair done by this missionary-minded JW hair stylist punishable? The rigors of childhood!

  • scary21
    And she didn't get to wash Ted's hair........because he had NONE !
  • steve2
    As Flipper's experience suggest, maybe she caused Ted's alopecia.
  • WingCommander

    What I want to know is why was she so insistent on wanting to wash a 10-yr old boy's hair?

    As far as I'm concerned, no guest in my home would be allowed to go into the bathroom and wash my 10-yr old son's hair. That is totally inappropriate and crosses personal boundaries. My hair stylist does this for my son before cutting his hair because she's cut my hair for years, is a paid professional in an actual salon, and I'm in the room while she's doing it.

    Weirdo's is right!

  • moomanchu

    Awwwwwww look at all the worldly trophies she won for hair competitions.

    One has a person holding up a laurel wreath.

    I know my dad would have probably smashed that one.

    Oh, and why the F was she competing in hairdressing competitions?

    Shouldn't she have been out selling even more Watchtowers?

    History states that in Ancient Greece, beginning in 776 BC, wreaths of laurel leaves crowned victors of athletic competitions of the ancient Olympic games. Wreaths of bay laurels were also awarded at the Ancient Greek Pythian Games which were held at Delphi in honor of Apollo (every four years from the 6th century BC). According to Greek Mythology, Apollo, the Olympian God and son of Zeus, was in love with a nymph named Daphne. As the tale continues, Daphne fled from Apollo, asking the river God for help; she turned into a Bay Laurel tree just as Apollo approached her. Apollo embraced the tree, cut off a branch to wear as a wreath and declared the plant sacred. Thus, this myth spurred the presentation of the laurel wreaths, in honor of Apollo, to the victors of these games. History carried onward this infamous crown of leaves…

    Melita Jaracz stands beside trophies she received for hairdressing

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