Who's the King of the North & South now?

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  • NewYork44M

    This is a question I always ask when someone says the end is so close - you gotta have the KON. How we all long for the days of the USSR when life was so simple. But alas, they are gone. i have never heard anthing official from the governing body who replaces the USSR.

  • Vidiot

    NewYork44M - "...i have never heard anthing official from the governing body who replaces the USSR."

    Thay don't have the balls or someone as creative a writer as Fred Franz was.

  • Ocean1111

    Bethel believes in the "flat earth" theology. That is it is all Anglo-American empire King South, the world is not composed of two poles, nation-state south and globalized north. The ultimate world power is the UN sitting on 27 acres "co-ruling" with the bankrupted US/UK national "7th King". "Flat Earth" central, that's all there is, end of story, zzz, zzzz... ... zz.. .

    Obviously the world does have two ultimate tiers of power national based and international in scope. So for Bethel to be acting as if the earth is flat is either they are too dumb, or they are in on it. Like Ace Rothstein said, "either way your out! get outta here!" lol

    The reality is as the nation-state and globalized systems split the actual "round earth" global bi-polarity, the whole king "south" (nation-state) and north (globalization, international-state) also simplify while at the same time going global in scope. It is so simple and backed in the last 20 years of steroidal globalization so as to be very hard not to see what happens when Russia, China and India all scrap socialism and join the global capitalization effort for over twenty years. (and they aren't the only ones aiding globalization made explicit after the Cold War). Its about time to complete the process.

    Bethel also ignores the post Cold War globalization reality which of course must form the international financial, military and governmental monopolizing components of world government. Globalization is the crystallization of world government, the end of its process. All it will take is one more global war cycle, which will NOT be "the end of the world", but the key accelerant, as before, to finalize this time the true "North" pole of global power—it will be an international uni-polar entity. King North, true "8th" "king". National systems such as the USSR never have been a true "north", albeit they did aid the bi-polar final national based development to uni-polarity, from WW1-2 multi-polarity, to Cold War bi-polarity, to post Cold War financial globalization, to final cycle uni-polarity.

    That trend of consolidating polarity to "true North" to uni-polarity cannot be reversed, and only took about 100 years to crystallize. EVERY global war cycle, including the Cold War resolve into a UN presentation. The final cycle will be no different, except it will finally be full world government.

    It is so simple, cyclic and predictable one can see it even without prophecy. Shoot, it already cycled three times already! Seeing the fourth cycle is logical, just intuition on an irreversible global trend of only 100 years of development.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Ha! Ocean1111, that's probably it. Of course traditional dub thinking might say either Islamist extremism as has been suggested here, or being that Putin is pushing his way intio Crimea and Ukraine Russia could be the replacement.

  • Vidiot

    The WTS probably misses the good ol' days of the Cold War.

  • Ocean1111

    @truthsetsonefree (very true)

    Ha! Ocean1111, that's probably it. Of course traditional dub thinking might say either Islamist extremism as has been suggested here, or being that Putin is pushing his way intio Crimea and Ukraine Russia could be the replacement.

    Yes, all the details of the world from the Cold War to today just provide the distractions from the bigger reality. Now please here the rest of this speculation, Bethel plays an even weirder role to come.

    It is the ultimate "south" "north" meaning because that is the true power polarity of the world, national-to-globalist, to converge all national power into a unified globalization based on ALL the national powers. (Rev16:13-16) That is what the meaning of the "United Nations" means, but it needs a full globalization of wealth, military and the administrative corporate system to actually complete world government sovereignty. (Rev17:11-18) Its all in the UN charter and mission. But it is present in the global war cycle as well.

    But also I say this is the ultimate meaning of global "south" and "north" because from WW1 to the Cold War we went from a multi-polar period of global conflict (WW1, WW2) that equated to the consolidation of the global power into a national based bi-polarity of NATIONAL powers as the USA national alliance and the USSR. World war was a great multi-polar struggle when it began in WW1 through WW2, but it was moving towards a global national bloc based bi-polarity that emerged during the Cold War. That is a trend to uni-polarity: world government.

    In fact that great national bloc based bi-polarity was so recognizable in the Cold War period, the "King South" and "King North" systems seemed to answer themselves in that US vs. USSR polar world. But really that was just the NEXT STAGE to uni-polarity. After the Cold War, Russia joined the Anglo-American financial globalization effort with China and India and others. Post Cold War marks true globalization going into overdrive. The world will go from multi-polar (1914-1945), to bi-polar (1945 to 1990) to eventual full uni-polarity (1990-2023??) in about 100 years from the WW1 first cycle. WW2 was a cycle. The Cold War was a cycle. And ALL THREE of those global war based cycles meant greater centralizing consolidation of power. A fourth cycle is what is implied to complete the uni-polar "King North" process that will conglomerate the "south" pole national system as a whole.

    So in reality the US and Russian system uni-polarity is what is being suggested (and China, etc), when over a fourth global war and transformation phase cycle the consolidation of polarity completes, from multi-polar, to bi-polar to uni-polar, and merely continues its obvious trajectory to ONE world power of the globalization of all of them, world government will be achieved, the uni-pole, north, King 8.

    This is the real 8th King, King NORTH meaning. But in the process, "not according to his own power", the national unified base system MUST of course also exist and form the thing to be ruled and provide the resources and actual power, the "King South" system must be made subservient, as a whole, to 8th King/King North world government global objective.

    But if we notice in Daniel 11:42-43 that "King South", becomes a "she" "will not prove to be an escapee". That is prophecy's way, and metaphor's way, of meaning the national collective unified system becomes subservient to world governmental "North", the true top of the world of global power to come.

    Now as we see very plainly in the trend of consolidating polarity, WW1 and WW2 and the Cold War were all three cycles with the same goal. That "goal" is the United Nations presentation that followed the resolution of ALL THREE of those cycles. So the world-war-cycle-to-world-government presentation is what the WHOLE cycle really is. World War, even as the Cold War, a Cold WW3, was merely the global "problem" for which the global "reaction" is for the global "solution" of world government. (rev13:3, Rev17:8) This is not "conspiracy", it is plain as the global trend to uni-polarity and the outcome of THREE huge global war cycles, 1914-1919, 1939-1945, 1947-1990.

    Logically, we don't need to be a prophet or rocket scientist to see it, logically a FOURTH cycle is required to complete the world government process, with the same formula—and it is contained in the easy to see former three cycles product, the "desolation" "problem", formulaically produces the "disgusting thing" hope for "world peace" in the "world government" "solution". It is history and global cycles of that history as its basic reality, it is what it is, a world government development set of four cycles.

    Bethel Delusion

    Keep in mind we have had three cycles that greatly suggest a fourth. It is NOT "the end of the world" coming up, it is a final cycle to complete the whole 1-2-3-4 super-cycle since 1914 and WW1. Keep that in mind, because the more "doomsday" belief they have out there, the easier the cycle is to play out. The less people put together, because it can be logically put together 1-2-3-4, the better.

    Now take Bethel. Bethel also will not complete even the 1-2-3 continuum. Bethel is also aiding bypassing a fourth cycle awareness with a premature "end of the world" delusion. (2Thess2:1-2) They are also HIDING the fact of who King North is in world government. (Dan8:12b) This is because it is also the final cycle requirement to complete that process, that they are trying to conceal. In fact Bethel will not summarize the meaning of 3rd cycle, Cold War cycle, that also produced a King North UN presentation, Bethel IGNORES the 3rd cycle as if it was nothing, but became UN NGO for it instead. Very very suspicious activity indeed.

    So why are supposedly old wise "full time Bible studying" men at Bethel ignoring the obvious? Why do they regularly ignore global and prophetic reality merging consistently? Well the answer is at Daniel 8:12, Daniel 11:32a and Daniel 11:41. Bethel is now a JW deluding act to conceal the 3rd and 4th cycle meaning and certainty.

    Now the big clue is Bethel's "interpretation" of Daniel 11:42-43 in light of the USSR collapse. No way could a bankrupted USSR also be a "ruler of the" global "gold and silver" bullion supply. No way did the USSR fulfill Daniel 11:42-43, and in now way can the USSR, at Daniel 11:36, "certainly prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish". The USSR failed, they did not "prove successful" and they never have been King North. The global bi-polarity of the Cold War merely suggested they were that entity, but that was premature of the real reality forming since even WW1.

    So what Bethel is doing, by saying Daniel 11:42-43 has fulfilled, is advancing JWs to Daniel 11:44 "attack" phase, also prematurely. They are advancing JW expectation TOO FAR into Daniel 11. They are bypassing JWs over the true significance of Daniel 11:42-43 meaning of the real "King North" ruling the GLOBAL gold and silver supply, the basis of all wealth power on earth—the former BASIS of national wealth sovereignty—it is not meaningless, it is the wealth globalization meaning of global wealth domination.

    The basis of any new monetary system, in modern times, when they are first deployed, is gold. It is later when they decouple gold backing from the currency. In reality Daniel 11:42-43 will be the result of the enormous national sovereign debt, but notable monetary policies since 1913 have had an effect The King North corporate system, banking system, finance system and wealth system is who will OWN the national governmental corporations, for the governments are simply bankrupted corporations that can be "received" into a great globalized financial recovery, when the proper circumstances and time comes. And it will come.

    So when that time does come, it will be Daniel 11:42-43 global wealth control and final globalization intrigues. But at Bethel they want JWs to think it is Daniel 11:44, which would be way too premature of reality, and it has a global "attack" expectation that can be used in the fourth cycle beginning. Thus they can sell Daniel 11:44 to JWs by also fitting global events that will not actually be the events, or Daniel 11 position, JWs are misled to perceive as active. Daniel 11:42-43 aiding global wealth and finance intrigues is what will be active.

    KN must control global wealth 100%, to control the rest of the world power process, and that is why Daniel 11:42-43 is first transformation in the process, and is very important in actual global reality to come. Plain and simple the "national debt" will need a "loan modification" at astronomical levels globally, and King North is who will provide that final monetary and finance system, and by that control the wealth and finance portion of world government is established globally. And they will control the current financial transition, which is contained in the Daniel 11:42-43 basic meaning, to fuel the final cycle requirement. This is also why it is NOT "the end" coming up, it is the required global stressing cycle they have controlled reliably since WW1; it is engineered.

    Thus Bethel is actually Daniel 11:41 compromised by King North agents (Dan11:31a, 32a), and the purpose is to sell the final cycle STARTING, to JWs as if it is "the end". But as argued here, it is a cycle starting. It will be the end of Bethel, now they can implode Bethel in the global financial intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43, were many corporations are headed, and they can sell that to JWs with a theological and false prophetic cover. JWs will watch Bethel implode, and think "it is prophecy fulfilling brothers!". In reality it will be King North getting rid of the JW organization at the START of the final cycle, and JWs will have no idea it is a cycle just beginning, the fourth one we are talking about, not "the end" JWs are deluded to expect way too soon of reality.

    Instead the world will proceed to King North world government in the real Daniel 11:44-45 many years from now, and JWs will be derailed wondering what the heck just happened. What happened was apostasy that led to infiltration (Dan8:12-13, Dan11:30-32, 41), and the Governing Body was the 8th King/King North JW control center as Bethel engineered real prophecy, misarranged and misapplied to engineer the final JW hoax. This is why Bethel will NEVER correctly update Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25 or Daniel 11:27-45. They are covering for their 8th King King North buddies.

    JWs are being fooled by their own Bethel produced "self fulfilling prophecy"! Daniel 11:30-35, and 11:41 also contain the co-developing Bethel apostasy prophecy, as does Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25, and that is why Bethel targets those prophecies for their prophetic disinformation campaign. They cover up the very prophecies that expose them, and their 8th King final cycle development of Daniel 11:42-45 (which merges into Daniel 12, live and real-time in the future) and Daniel 8:23-25 3rd and 4th UN placements, the final as world government. Daniel 11:30-45 contains the 3rd and 4th 8th King Cycle we are talking about as a continuum. Daniel 11:29 is the unique Cold War marker of the third cycle ending.

    Now the 8th King planners merely have to provide a decent "King North" appearing modern development, like Russian intrigues, to sell to JWs as the final part of the hoax plays out. As we see Bethel is now aligning Ezekiel 38 attack with the Daniel 11:44 attack as of the last Annual Meeting, so they are setting up Gog of Magog for a new meaning, that will probably end up being King North, and part of the final JW subterfuge delusion operation will mean King North will also be a decoy. But they will sell the "attack" to JWs as that complex. They are not saying this at the Annual Meeting, they implied it as a question they no doubt will soon answer for the King North final decoy delusion process upon JWs.

    They want JWs thinking Daniel 11:44 is activating to aid the premature end delusion to the max among duped JWs, actually heading for organizational dissolution, and a "temple judgment" (Dan8:13-14), none of which are JWs expecting. JWs will be petrified with delusion for quite some time, and in that time Bethel will be brought down, and JWs will buy it, and aid it, not knowing reality. IMO, lawless Bethel never will reveal who the real King North is, they will be gone when that news comes out, and they will have aided their own downfall on purpose as King North agents. The secondary goal is removing the one ministry that could have put together the 1-2-3-4 cyclic world government scenario.

    IMO it is not the end coming up, it is the fourth cycle. IMO the Bethel downfall will end up have greater than usual actual meaning. I offer this as my speculation on this whole subject matter and Bethel's obvious apostate override.

    PS The final cycle, as global recovery (Isa41:1), is also the "abyss" the 8th King comes from in Rev11:7, Rev17:8-18.

    Bethel is the premature delusion engineers of 2Thess2:1-2, "to the effect the day of Jehovah is here" among deluded JWs. Thus the apostasy is what must be revealed at Bethel as 2Thess2:3-4, long before Christ arrives, it is part of the final cycle repetition process, repeating apostasy, at Bethel. Bethel displays all three apostate earmarks of that 2Thess2:1-4 prophecy. They are an act that will bring in billions of dollars into 8th King King North control, the culmination of Daniel 11:41, proceeds with the real Daniel 11:42-43.

    In the process JWs will be globally scattered and totally bewildered as the final cycle is ging into commencement overdrive at global scale.


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