Who's the King of the North & South now?

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  • undercover

    Well, at least until the Red Wedding anyway, Robb Stark was the King in the North


  • stuckinarut2

    Whoever they feel like...

    It is a doctrinal teaching only designed to keep the masses busy and occupied wondering anyway...

    It has no substance or relevance....

  • RubaDub

    I believe the matter was covered just a few years ago in one of the "Questions From Readers".

    As I recall, the King of the North (Ulysses S. Grant) would conquer the King of the South (Robert E. Lee).

    I haven't seen any more commentary on it since.

    Rub a Dub

  • Ocean1111

    No. Bethel is a subversion unit. But its pretty easy to see what King North is even without those sell outs.

    The world has polarized into nation-state and globalizing power systems. While going worldwide in scope, the obvious definition also simplifies in this final polarity of "north" and "south". They denote final power "poles" even in their terminology.

    Thus as simple as it gets is "King South" Anglo-American predominant nation-state system is the whole national global realm. "King North" is globalization backed international power that will absorb the totality of the nation-state systems as eventual world government. True "north".

    The 7th King system is the national lead system, the 8th King is the globalized sovereign absorption to come. This is why the 7th King must in time be superceded by 8th King world government and that fall is a literal prophecy at Daniel 11:42-43. It will be globally noticeable when this phase runs its required course.

    This is why the Revelation 17 "8th King" "scarlet wildbeast" (King North) absorbs the classic national wildbeast structure of Revelation 13:1 (King South) headed by the 7th King "King South" lead national alliance system.

    King South national systems are not destroyed—they are made subservient to globalized sovereignty to emerge through the final cycle period coming up. If Bethel was not a King North led (Dan11:32a) and infiltrated (Dan11:41) apostate ministry of course they could also explain this final global power simplification that the whole nation-state system is globalized into 8th King King North final globalized sovereign meaning.

    In hindsight since WW1, WW2 through the Cold War (Dan11:27-29) this national-to-globalized system has been forming, marked by the 1990 3rd UN placement (Dan11:30-31, Dan8:23) that Bethel covers up the meaning of as UN NGO 8th King cohorts.

    Applying national meaning to King North is just a distraction effective overall as people do not see their nations being pawned in the world war debt cycles. (massive national debt aids Dan11:42-43) King North always has been led by globalizing world power internationally guided.

  • ptt7000

    King of the North is Syria and the king of the South is Egypt. North and South of Israel and the book of Daniel is actually history that we can check.

    The society has lost these kings because they are anti- Jew. Check history against each verse and you will see Cleopatra and all of them fit minutely what Daniel said.

    In 1967 Syria was still a problem. Because the witnesses think God lies and goes back on his word to Abraham and to the Jews in Isiah and Jeremiah they have lost those kings. The Green book was a bunch of crazy.

  • sparrowdown

    King of the north is Bro Lett

    King of the south is Bro Jackson

  • Ocean1111

    I think a clue the Bethel GB are just an act for subversion purposes is in the logical and elementary summarization of the Bible symbology.

    1. Rather than tell us what the WHOLE "scarlet wildbeast" means as also an "8th" "King" as [globalized] world government, the GB stalls in the 1945 UN "image" as if that 20 acre United Nations forum was the pinnacle of global power.

    2. Rather than summarize the WHOLE Revelation 13:1 "seven headed" "wildbeast" as a full [ national based] sovereign progression over history terminating in "7th" "King" Anglo-American national power, the GB focuses on the Anglo-American national "seventh world power", "seventh head" as if that is also a "co-ruling" pinnacle of global power.

    3. Rather than summarize what the WHOLE Daniel 2 "immense image" means as a whole world government, the GB zooms in on the "toes", as it all equates to? A diversion to fail to logically summarize basic world power equations in prophecy to world government.

    Thus as all the Bible symbology reflects the global system's own [national-to-globalized] sovereign convergence, the prophetic convergence must also reflect that convergence of also its own wholeness of symbology that must also converge into one final world power meaning as globalized world government. That is an actually SIMPLE and elementary logical summarization and subject Bethel purposely avoids. With that divergence into incomplete fiction, Bethel can sell the final cycle commencement as "the end" to JWs instead.

    The GB avoids elementary completions and by now it has to be purposeful, everyone else and his mother is connecting the world government dot out in the world, while Bethel keeps JWs in a fossilized 1950s cave.

    Bethel is an "act stupid" act so that JWs be actually stupid and fully dated in global awareness by the time the final cycle begins, not ends, and it goes on for a number of years and JWs will not put it together for quite some time. Instead a corporate takeover will be sold to JWs by Bethel as simply "the end", go home, goodbye. The world will continue to world government as JWs are left behind in a fictional arrangement of final prophecy that aids the subterfuge while the final cycle starts and proceeds.

    JWs will eventually be left broke and scratching their heads. What just happened?? The Governing Body ministerial subversion center is what happened.

  • Comatose

    Why did god cross the road?

    There were sick kids on the side he had been on.

    What a douche.

  • tiki

    well the ussr vs. anglo-american is out the window, given the alterations in the global political landscape. china is becoming stronger and more influential, especially as they suck up all the $$$ in america...............but watch out for germany. they may just end up a key player.

    for now - how about iceland for the north and Kerguelen Island for the south..............

  • snare&racket

    King of the north = whoever is currently on the news attacking the west....

    Which makes no sense in a biblical context, and only makes sense to a religion formed in the west.

    I have no doubt in my mind at all, that WT will claim that radical islam is the King of The North.

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