Who's the King of the North & South now?

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  • prophecor

    Back in the old days I used to hear talk about these Kings. Are they still teaching anything about these Kings in Daniel as it pertains to the " Time of the End?"

  • eyeuse2badub

    Mute point now. Just do as you are told regardless of common sence. Prophecy and doctrine mean nothing anymore and that's why the GB don't dwell on it any more.


  • smiddy


    Was it the green book ? Your Will Be Done On Earth ? dealing with daniels prophecys ?

    I wish I had kept it to show any witness who fronts up my door nowadays

    At the time I loved that book , it seemed to answer all the questions I had . ( of course I was a lot younger then )

    I`m probably going back about 30 years now , and I have been out for a good 20 years so I`m not one to tell you what the new lite is , thats going to be old lite in a couple of years from now.


  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    They used to teach that the king of the north in modern times was the Nazi Germany succeeded by Communist Russia.Of course after the fall of Communism all interpretations are off and they don't try to analyse it anymore.You will find e-watchman.com more meaningful in interpretation of Daniel prophesy if you are a JW

  • Phizzy

    The Bible book of Daniel is not prophetic.

    Like a lot of the literature of that Apocalyptic End Times genre, it pretends to be. But the writer had no more idea about the future than the Revered Prophet Phizzy.

  • Viviane

    Revered Prophet Phizzy

    That guy rocks.

  • BluesBrother

    "Daniel's Prophesy" book 1999

    Gradually forming close ties, Britain and the United States of America became the Anglo-American World Power. Together, they came into the position of the king of the south.

    and then

    Wt '93 11/1 p21

    12 So who is the king of the north now? Is he to be identified with one of the countries that were part of the old Soviet Union? Or is he changing identity completely, as he has a number of times before? We cannot say. Who will be the king of the north when Daniel 11:44, 45 is fulfilled? Will the rivalry between the two kings flare up again? And what of the huge nuclear stockpiles that still exist in a number of lands? Only time will provide the answers to these questions.

    I guess nobody knows NB like all dubious fulfillments, they have not mentioned it lately.

  • Vidiot

    The "Anglo-American World Power" is still technically regarded as the King of the South, but the King of the North hasn't been recast since the fall of the old Soviet Union (that one must have really caught the WTS by surprise, back in the day ).

    They haven't really put any recent effort into reimagining Fred Franz's End-Times script, but he left no protege when he died, so they're kinda stuck with it.

  • sporece

    That's the book that blew my mind in 70s. It made me feel that the society had all the details about the future and was being used by the creator to reveal the truth to mankind.

    Got sucked in in 75 and in four month after the start of the bible study made a decision to get baptized.

    32 years later realized the "truth" was nothing but a load of crap.

  • Theredeemer

    They even changed the meaning of the toes of Daniels image. I think they mean ....I forgot. It used to mean the UN but now it's something else. I always had a feeling they would name Islam as king of the north since they call it a nation.

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