The height of delusion on display at last Tuesdays meeting...

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  • stuckinarut2

    Great Thread BU2B!

    My thoughts exactly!...I couldnt believe the comments I was hearing...I had to walk out at one stage...literally to stop myself from yelling out!

    Yes indeed.... It is certainly mind blowing the way modern "enlightened, loving, witnesses, who preach 'GOD IS LOVE'" still enjoy quoting these sections and SOMEHOW try and make them seem CORRECT or ACCEPTABLE!

    It just doesnt make sense!....

    As one of our members said..."a true Mind-F*@K"

  • BU2B

    It is amazing how just when you think you have heard it all, something even more shocking and delusional is said!

  • Vidiot

    poopsiecakes - "I remember back when I was a full on zealot and my sister and I decided that it would be absolutely brilliant to read a few chapters of the bible together every day so we would take turns reading out loud. When we got to stuff like this, like where the passages seem to revel in slaughter, it was very uncomfortable and sometimes we would look at one another and just go 'holy crap that's kinda brutal'. We soldiered on (pardon the pun) but it stuck in my head that something was very wrong here - I just couldn't admit it to myself just yet."

    I hated reading those Bible Stories to my kids when they were little; I couldn't keep doing it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh, the ignorance.

    "In modern wars we see civilians involved in the conflict getting raped and killed, it was not like that with Jehovahs army, they only killed when Jehovah told them to. They were pagans so they deserved to die!"

    Well, they killed plenty of civilians back then. But if the criteria was that they were pagans, then why should JW's care that modern wars kill plenty of civilians since the vast majority (somewhere between 99.9 and 100 percent) are not involved in the true worship of Jehovah?

    I also did not like that they claimed that the Israelites did not rape.

    "We see armies of the past like the Gauls, Mongols, Attila the Hun. They went from city to city brutalizing people and slaughtering them and taking the women. Jehovahs army was loving. They offered surrender and only killed them if they refused!"

    I am sure the Bible holds back from the real story, but even what it does say is that the Israelites slaughtered people and took their virgin daughters into forced "marriages" right afterward. (Keep in mind that the Israelites could marry more than one girl.) I think it is so loving to kill a girl's parents and say "You can live if you let a soldier basically enslave you into a life of chores and sex. Answer now, before you really know what that life will be like or be killed like we did to your entire family."

  • Vidiot

    BU2B - "Unlike other religions, the GB do not try to forget about the barbarism, they highlight it and praise it as good!"

    That could be a calculated measure.

    I've long held that the GB wants to downsize the overall membership by pruning out the fence-sitters and "lukewarm", leaving only the hard-core loyalists and resulting in a leaner, more easily controlled R&F.

    Emphasizing the authoritarian aspects of the Old Testament God would definately help accomplish that.

    yadda yadda 2 - "The old testament Jehovah is basically analogous to Allah as espoused by ISIS and Boko Haram..."

    Hard to argue with that statement.

  • BU2B

    Great points OTWO! If its ok to slaughter everyone from fetuses to the elderly because they are "pagan" why should they care about say..for just one example the genocide in Darfur which mostly "pagan" animist and "so-called" Christians were killed my Muslims? They were merely doing some of the dirty work for Jehovah. Since he "does not desire any to be destroyed", they make his task a bit easier at Armageddon.

    It especially sickens me when the JWs or other christian apologists compare the cannanites to vermin. Every barbaric mass genocide has been preceded by propaganda comparing the victims to sub-humans like rats, cockroaches, diseases, cancers, or mad dogs that need to be put down. The same reasoning for killing the kids, that "little rats grow into big rats" is the same reason Hitler killed even the Jewish kids. They would grow into big Jews one day and steal all the money again. For non-psycopathic humans to be able to callously slaughter innocent people they generally need to internalize that their victims "deserve" to die, or are a "threat" of some kind. They must also be viewed as a plauge like pests that need to be "cleansed". Bible apologists scare me.

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