The height of delusion on display at last Tuesdays meeting...

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    What I found rather foolish was the point about if a creditor took a coat as security he had to return it before nightfall so that the debtor will not be cold without his coat. It had me thinking what is the whole point of taking the coat for security then. What creditor would hold a coat as security when he knows he is obligated to return it before nightfall? Doesn't that negate the whole concept of holding something as security?

  • sowhatnow

    you know, you got to wonder whos writting this stuff ans what they hope to accomplish by it. surely they know there are many who find it absolutely bazzar.

  • WTWizard

    And they wonder why Israel gets such a bad reputation! Slaughtering people simply because they are not Jews and because they are worshiping Gods other than joke-hova--that is righteous? This sxxxis still going on in Palestine--Israel murdering Palestinians because they do not worship the Israeli god joke-hova. And they are proud of it--having written in their own LIE-ble about having done that when Joke-shua invaded Canaan to murder those who were simply minding their own business.

    Bad enough it happened and is still going on to this day. But for people who are not even Israelites to gloat about it? Why do these so-called xian religions venerate Israel so much? I would be embarrassed to have such a hateful history where I was intolerant of a people that lived hundreds of kilometers away, were simply minding their own business, and did nothing offensive that I had to make a special trip just to destroy or enslave them. Yet, joke-hova seems to venerate such a people--just to stamp out innocent cultures. And the jokehovians seem to be emulating Israel on a spiritual level--and for what? They claim to accept all peoples, Jewish and Gentile alike. Yet, they venerate this blatant hatred depicted in that damnation book.

  • poopsiecakes

    I remember back when I was a full on zealot and my sister and I decided that it would be absolutely brilliant to read a few chapters of the bible together every day so we would take turns reading out loud. When we got to stuff like this, like where the passages seem to revel in slaughter, it was very uncomfortable and sometimes we would look at one another and just go 'holy crap that's kinda brutal'. We soldiered on (pardon the pun) but it stuck in my head that something was very wrong here - I just couldn't admit it to myself just yet.

  • quellycatface

    I cannot beleive they are re-studying this book. For a peace loving religion they sure love to venerate murder and holy war. Could be radical Islam really.

  • smiddy

    I don't know how anyone can read such passages and still believe in a loving god.

    In this day and age I dont know how anyone can beleive in any sort of God at all ?


  • steve2

    The creepy message underlying all of this is, the True God and His chosen people can do no wrong but everyone else's "god" is evil and does nothing but wrong. This essentially is one of the main "themes" of the Bible. With a theme as simplistically championing a message of " We are right and you are wrong", what else can you expect of followers of that kind of book?

  • Apognophos

    A sister at our study made special mention of how nice it was that the Israelite soldier could take a woman that he fancied and had to live with her for a whole month before he could consummate the relationship. Apparently it's not rape after a month? That's truly the height of delusion.

    I think there's a larger lesson to be learned here, though. It's not just Witnesses who do this. People pick a side in everything -- especially politics -- and that side can often do no wrong in their eyes. It's no wonder that liberals and conservatives can't get along; neither side will concede that their politicians have done anything wrong!

  • Quarterback

    Yes, you were not allowed to be unevenly yoked with unbeleivers, but this sort of marriage was ok. I guess you would want your daughters to look ugly if you were a pagon. "Want some more gruel, help yourself little darling. and hre's a 2nd helping of pork sausages, makes your cheeks look pink."

    If you were a Coward, then you wouldn't be drafted. Which coward has the courage to say that he's a coward. How would he be treated?

    Since you couldn't draft a newly married man for a year, that must be why they had many wives. They could milk this one til retirement(no pun intended). That's a loophole.

  • sparrowdown

    The collective madness of JWs is creepy.

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